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available under the same license terms.”84 Over a block graph visualizing the kinds of content that are most frequently tagged with a license, the CC reports, “More people are choosing to share with ‘Free Culture’ Licenses.”85 The State of the Commons asserts, “If we want to live in a digital world that is fair, diverse, vibrant, serendipitous, and safe for everyone, we will have to choose to make it that way.” The implication is that gifting is a function of individuals’ disposition. In other words, the gifting logos is contingent on intent. Some people surrender

border, rainfall was three times the normal amount for the month of January, causing rivers to spill across the surrounding countryside, washing out roads, drowning cattle, and isolating people when travelling by wagon became impossible. All of Mission Valley was under water, and Old Town was evacuated as rising waters fi lled the town. northern california under water Given how quickly news spreads today in our digital world, it seems incred- ible that news of Southern California’s fl oods that awful winter did not reach Northern California until February 1, 1862

$25 million, Heidi Klum, with $16 million, and Kate Moss, with $9 million.20 Over the course of the twentieth century, the model went from a degraded shopgirl to an iconic millionaire. Models in a Digital World The market since the 1990s has experienced dramatic change. With the Internet and digital technology, global networks of scouts and agencies have unpre ce dented access to clients and models around the world. Many bookers who began their careers in the 1980s remembered the Berlin Wall as a scouting barrier; it has since given way to a huge infl ux of

much of the advice they had gotten was still valid? many of the young photographers asked. Susan, the highly respected managing photo editor at Newsworld, acknowledged the group directly as “a new generation of photographer,” and continued, “You’ve never shot fi lm. There is a revolution in the industry.” For Susan on whose desk one could still fi nd a loupe, this revo- lution had to do with how much editorial control now lay in the hands of the photographer. Addressing the photographers, she continued: In the digital world, I have a lot less understanding of

was not cut off from the digital world—and the profound implica- tions of that knowledge. While Google Earth and Instagram have offered never-before- seen images of North Korea to the world, taken by tourists and sat- ellite images, the North remains a secretive country. Its computers operate on the Gwangmyeong (walled garden), a national intranet service, or private network, that is not linked to the global Internet and is only accessible to a small percentage of the population. What Schmidt wanted to ascertain was how the regime utilized the Internet and to

prerequisite to entry into the digital world. This is certainly something we will not find in the model of the 146 / Nature is Made machine, so we had best bring it with us. Initially called a traitor to the cause by his MIT colleagues, the significance of his doubt and caution- ary response is now generally accepted.38 The most profound message is that we really know very little about our own intelligence, and may easily be fooled by machines that emulate only the barest outline of our mind's ways. And as we apprehend the outline, we tend to reduce our- selves to

lengthier discussion of the friction between the sales and editorial teams, see Chapter 1. 25. Hannerz, Foreign News, 103. 26. This debate about merely being an unbiased conduit, a wholesaler sup- plying publications with images, will return in chapter 3 in regards to Agence France-Presse’s changing politics in a digital world. 27. With these epic stories, which Strong envisioned having global reach and generating interest beyond a single news peg, he was actually anticipating the Notes to Pages 111–125 | 345 demands of the sales team mentioned in chapter 1 but

—which is the language you need to replicate it—is open, so anyone can change it to suit their needs. Big Tech has done this for profit, but open-source software (along with the more technically complicated consensus governance structure of the Inter- net), speaks to the many different paths for- ward for our increasingly digital world. Like the secret NSA room that exists in a nondescript office building in San Fran- cisco, so too do the material spaces where a free and open Internet is made. Many of these bright lights in the tech universe are unique to the

objects”) or a library (an “archive of books”), but it’s not exactly either of these. At the same time, the digital world of Pinterest and Instagram has transformed older meanings of “the archive” from some- thing almost inevitably historical into something rooted in the present. Th e problem of preserving the internet for future historians has become a very real and pressing issue for professional archivists, who see not only the latest memes but also a digital wasteland of broken links, dead websites, and disap- pearing content. An archive is, fi rst and foremost