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xiii This book tells the story of American wine through the lives of thirteen people — twelve men and one woman — who made a difference in that history, or who represent a significant change in the direction of things, or both. The more recent names are probably familiar to all who take an inter- est in wine — Mondavi and Gallo certainly are — but other names will be unknown. To give them their deserved recognition is one of my aims in writ- ing this book. I start with Jean Jacques (or John James) Dufour, a Swiss, who did not make the first commercial wine

the shorter chapters of the book is titled. As Schoonmaker later said, it took him many years to realize just how incom- plete The Complete Wine Book was.11 But it was far more “complete” than the ordinary American’s understanding of the subject then. It was also nota- ble for giving prominence to American wines, at the same time deploring the bad practices of American wine making, especially the dependence on inferior varieties of grape and on borrowed names — port, sherry, burgundy, and so on. Tom Marvel, according to Schoonmaker himself, was responsible for

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, killer bugs, bad weather, and fi ckle public tastes— would circle back and challenge us as well. 1. Aldo Delfi no, Agricultural Commissioner, 1972 Napa County Agricultural Crop Re- port, Napa County Department of Agriculture, Napa, CA, 1973, accessed June 28, 2011, www .countyofnapa .org /AgCommissioner /CropReport . 2. Patricia Delaney, “American Wine Comes of Age,” Time, November 27, 1972, 81.

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enthusiasts of French, Italian, Spanish, and American wines. Special thanks go to Blake Edgar and Rose Vekony at the Univer- sity of California Press and Erika Bűky for her unflagging care in editing.

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. This has been the most important single factor in making California the vineyard of America. Wine making is not only one of the oldest commercial agricultural enterprises in California, but probably the old- est in all of western America. Its history may be traced to Cortez (1524) in Mexico. T h e Jesuits introduced the grape into Baja California from Mexico;6 Father Juan Ugarte was probably the first person (c. 1697) to plant a vineyard there, but it is very doubtful that wine was produced for other than sacramental and personal use. From there came the