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bootleggers.”3 The ICC has been especially vulnerable to this phenomenon. Since the establishment of the court in 2002, the Security Council has repeatedly ignored its requests to apply pressure on states to fulfi ll their legal obliga- tions to carry out its arrest warrants. Even when it has come to the mass atrocities in the Darfur region of Sudan, which the Council referred to the ICC in 2005, the fi fteen-member body has failed to issue a single state- ment supporting the ICC’s fi ndings of noncooperation against numerous states that have failed to arrest President

bootlegger, the book- maker and other breakers of the law. Los Angeles does not need a boss.” The voters nonetheless had reelected Cryer, and Parrot now was clearly trying to extend his influence to county government by ousting the super- visors, with the cooperation of prosecutor Asa Keyes—whom the board of supervisors had not favored for the district attorney’s position. Billy was appalled. This certainly was not the image of Los Angeles he wanted projected to the world, especially since it involved his allies on the board of supervisors. He normally avoided public

something about the pool rooms down at San Pedro where the battle fleet rides close at anchor. Gradually I'm becoming acquainted with all the brands of bootleg that the Westcoast offers. I haven't been blinded by anything yet but beauty and sunshine, however; but I did have to get glasses to shield me from the violet rays, which are terri- bly strong out here. I'd better stop, I guess. 2 9 6 : T o W A L D O F R A N K Altadena, Cal. February 1,1928 Dear Waldo: I thought the enclosed poems might interest you as souvenirs of our tropical sojourn together. T h e

incomes, induce the public to buy government se- curities; they may, by preventing the expenditure of redundant incomes, induce the public to accumulate idle cash; or they may, by preventing the expenditure of redundant incomes on certain goods, induce the public to increase its expenditures on less essential commodities.7 T h e controls are ineffective to the extent that they do not possess effectiveness in any of these senses. Ineffectiveness need not reflect itself fully in the exist- ence of bootleg markets. It may reflect itself partly in the necessity of

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'; read Omar and Have- lock Ellis; declared 'Christianity is just a name, there isn't any such thing'; drank bootleg gin to 'jazz me up'; spent a great deal of time pet- ting, sometimes contracting venereal disease, unless he was merely 'sub- limating his sex instincts.' Telling things that the novel's hero contended the students themselves couldn't write home about, The Plastic Age was a sensational portrait of the American as a young man, a subject for dis- 234 THE POPULAR BOOK cussions and recriminations between young people and their elders, a work to be cited

organized under the heading “Columbia County, Complaint, Sheriff” in the Florida State Archives). The recurring complaint was that the sheriff and his police force were involved in bootlegging and in the “doling out of confiscated liquor for gifts.” One letter, written by someone who claimed to be one of the sheriff’s best friends, noted that “murder, bootlegging, white slavery and numerous other crimes are going unpunished.” “Mrs. Romey brought her trouble on even if she was in delicate condition,” the letter continued, “but Mr. Romey was murdered and why I ask you was

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and Spain, and every once in a while said he checked out books in Spanish. William, forever in a good mood and always proactively educating himself, liked to talk to me 186 c i t i z e n s h i p a n d o t h e r s u c h v a g a r i e s about poetry and appeared off and on with books by Pablo Neruda, Gabriel García Márquez, and other Latin American authors. Iván, a heavy-metal fan and an avid conspiracy theorist, shared some bootleg CDs and books with many of us. In short, my cohort of friends spent a lot of time pursuing knowledge they though was