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alcohol is not the same as alcohol during Prohibition—a notable as- pect of the “cultural” climate prevailing during the years when this book was conceived and written. For those who were not bootleggers but who merely patronized bootleggers, alcohol under such conditions was in a penumbra of motives indeterminately lawless and sanctioned by custom. On Stress, Its Seeking 21 18476_ch01.qxd 3/6/03 12:20 PM Page 21 The chemical spirits were thus linked with a kind of spirit that had the aura of adventure even while being quite within the range of ordinary ef- forts and

it. They denatured the denatured. Everyone would put some denaturing in it. Then the bootlegger would take some of the denaturing out. My body wouldn’t put up with it. FG: It’s all a seeking for transcendence. Alcohol, all drugs, whatever, is an attempt to achieve transcendence. Authority believes you can control transcendence with doxological methods, through ceremony, through ritual, through language. But if they believe that the expression of personal transcendence is pure escape external to their ritual, then it’s prohibited. KB: I was up at Wesleyan. I was