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recipes render them intellectual bootleggers of a sort. (I confess to constantly adapting themes and approaches from European intellectual and cultural history in order to explore southwestern Minnesota.) They forever must ask how capricious and arbitrary is their making of a place. Writing itself also causes discomfort. As much as the practice of local history might gain the local historian recognition, the work is lonely work. Companionship at times amounts to no more than a handful of colleagues and friends. Yet, the practice of writing local history fails to provide

unsavory cast of gun-toting, free-living, fun-loving bootleggers against whom a few righteously labored and many con- spired. But dissenters abounded. In one town, the pharmacist filled il- licit prescriptions; in the Belgian-settled village of Ghent, which eventu- ally voted sixty-six to none to repeal Prohibition, the milkman delivered beer. The depression forced a national redefinition of clandestine society. Bank robbers abounded, and with popular support in the countryside, militant farmers took the law into their own hands. The depression also unleashed legions of