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mount up once a year?” “But she mounts . . .” “It doesn’t matter. What we’re talking about is whether she knows how to manage that house and care for Cucusa’s santos. Getting all riled up once a year and writhing around on the floor shouting—that is no preparation for all the things you have to handle to host a feast for Babalú Ayé. Enough.” The next day we were back at her house after separate outings. I was look- ing for aguardiente, and she was out to pick up an electrical cable from one of her godchildren in Palo. My bootlegger was a government chemist with a

bootleggers.”3 The ICC has been especially vulnerable to this phenomenon. Since the establishment of the court in 2002, the Security Council has repeatedly ignored its requests to apply pressure on states to fulfi ll their legal obliga- tions to carry out its arrest warrants. Even when it has come to the mass atrocities in the Darfur region of Sudan, which the Council referred to the ICC in 2005, the fi fteen-member body has failed to issue a single state- ment supporting the ICC’s fi ndings of noncooperation against numerous states that have failed to arrest President

and Spain, and every once in a while said he checked out books in Spanish. William, forever in a good mood and always proactively educating himself, liked to talk to me 186 c i t i z e n s h i p a n d o t h e r s u c h v a g a r i e s about poetry and appeared off and on with books by Pablo Neruda, Gabriel García Márquez, and other Latin American authors. Iván, a heavy-metal fan and an avid conspiracy theorist, shared some bootleg CDs and books with many of us. In short, my cohort of friends spent a lot of time pursuing knowledge they though was

stage of his odyssey into uncharted terrain. On my fi rst visit to Beijing in February 2007, I wheezed all the way from the airport to my hotel. The thick smog hid any hint of direct sunlight, and I didn’t see my shadow for a week. When I returned in mid-October, the city seemed a changed place. I was surprised to see clear blue skies. Skyscrapers were visible from a distance, not shrouded in haze. There were other changes, too—swept sidewalks, a sudden absence of bootleg DVD hawkers, more policemen on the streets. A week later, Beijing looked, sounded, and

bootlegged action videos from Asia and the U.S. on a TV that ran on a car battery. Th e Vietnam War, corrupted martial arts competitions, and POW camps featured prominently, as did the directors’ backyards. Looking back on it now, I realize that these fi lms were suff used with themes of restric- tion, escape, and success achieved, fi nally, against impossible odds, and this was no doubt part of their appeal. But I remember being annoyed by the noise, and by the Taita youth, in whom I confess to having had very little interest. I preferred talking with older men

clubbed those trying to surmount the barricade, arrest- ing thousands and killing hundreds. Vivid images of the brutal military crack- down hit the domestic and international media, largely via Bangkok’s black market in bootleg video (Klima, Funeral Casino). This international pressure led Suchinda to resign and restore democracy, leading to another period of open debate regarding the nature of Thai politics. For more on this history, see Klima, Funeral Casino; Haberkorn, In Plain Sight; Haberkorn and Winichakul, Revo- lution Interrupted; Keyes, Democracy Thwarted

, threatening to kill them and bury their bodies in the Kōshien outfi eld if they tried to stop the Hanshin fan celebrations. The stadium offi cials backed down, and the Giants had to wait, but the Chūtora leaders were subsequently arrested. Then in 2003, during the league championship season, Chūtora clubs became more aggressive in taking over sections of unreserved outfi eld seating and forcing regular spectators to pay them a seating charge; they illegal sold seventh-inning “rally” balloons and bootleg CD’s of hitting marches and became more aggressive with

player, cabaret dancer, pimp, prostitute, or bootleg- ger; but, for all intents and purposes, she satisfied her patron the same way other Harlemites satisfied their patrons at places like the Cotton Club. Hurston gave her patron what she wanted: a slice of the exotic and erotic, honest and natural, world of the Negro.66 Nathan Huggins perhaps best captures the role Harlem played in satisfying Whites' deep desires fashioned out of popular renditions of Jung and Freud: Men who sensed that they were slaves to moral codes, that they were cramped, and confined by guilt

checked around and learned how these bootleg films were being brought in to the island. I remembered the way that the films of the violence in Maluku were distributed and it came to me. Since the violence in January I have made several trips to Sumbawa to help some friends there deal with labor issues.While I was gone, people linked to the military and a pornography cartel must have made the films in my home. If news of this got to Megawati or her aides, I’m sure that Megawati would see this as justifiable evidence for my dismissal. “I called my wife to see the people

squandered its opportunity. In the years before the April 1978 coup, Rafi q Jan wrote poetry in his spare time while making his living as a day laborer and small-time smuggler of goods between Afghanistan and Pakistan. He earned enough from his various jobs to purchase a tea shop in the Peshawar market, which he kept for some years before buying a shop near the Firdous Cinema that sold cassette tapes, mostly bootlegged soundtracks from Indian and Pakistani fi lms. Th is rela- tively comfortable life was jolted by news of the Marxist coup. Th ough he had settled in