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libraries exemptions for archival photocopying also apply to optical scanning and text-file creation for the same purposes. If the library is permit ted to make the copy, it should not matter what technology was employed to generate the reproduct ion. 1 9 Making the file available to reader-viewers raises a d i f fe ren t problem. For a pr inted text, reading presents no copyright issues because copyright does not attach to the physical object. In the digital world, however, looking at the text does implicate copyright, because viewing the text on-screen entails

grateful for this. On good days, I feel heartened by what is happening in the teen magazines and in the Lane Bryant and "Just My Size" ads. Perhaps advertisers are discovering that making people feel bad about them- selves, then offering products which promise to make it all better, is not the only way to make a buck. As racial representations have shown, diversity is marketable. Perhaps, as Lane Bryant and others are hoping, encouraging people to feel okay about their bodies can sell products too. Sometimes, surveying the plastic, digitalized world of bodies

prerequisite to entry into the digital world. This is certainly something we will not find in the model of the 146 / Nature is Made machine, so we had best bring it with us. Initially called a traitor to the cause by his MIT colleagues, the significance of his doubt and caution- ary response is now generally accepted.38 The most profound message is that we really know very little about our own intelligence, and may easily be fooled by machines that emulate only the barest outline of our mind's ways. And as we apprehend the outline, we tend to reduce our- selves to

Anthropological Voyages in Microbial Seas

recycling of Hollywood classics, and Internet short f i lmmaking—is similarly articulated through densely interwoven discursive networks. Along with the notion of social mediation, I have stressed the extensive evaluative and interpretive dimensions of home film exhibition and recep- tion. In home film cultures, these dimensions are most evident in relation to technologies with digital affiliations, such as home theater and DVD. An engagement with the digital world of cinema confers, to paraphrase Bour- dieu, titles of cultural nobility on those viewers most immersed

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