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–73. Jin Wenjian 金文坚. 2014. “Rang qiaopi ziliao zai shuzi hua shijie shixian zhenzheng de tuanju” (“Let Qiaopi Materials Realize True Unity in a Digitalized World”). In Zhongguo lishi wenxian yanjiu hui, eds., 245–52. John, Richard R. 1995. Spreading the News: Th e American Postal System from Franklin to Morse. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Johnson, Paula Doherty. 2007. Diaspora Philanthropy: Infl uences, Initiatives, and Issues. Bos- ton and Cambridge: Th e Philanthropic Initiative, Inc. and the Global Equity Initiative, Harvard University. Jones, Bill. 2005

was not cut off from the digital world—and the profound implica- tions of that knowledge. While Google Earth and Instagram have offered never-before- seen images of North Korea to the world, taken by tourists and sat- ellite images, the North remains a secretive country. Its computers operate on the Gwangmyeong (walled garden), a national intranet service, or private network, that is not linked to the global Internet and is only accessible to a small percentage of the population. What Schmidt wanted to ascertain was how the regime utilized the Internet and to