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Latinos from Pioneers to Post-Millennials

creative insight of Nikki Terry, whose support helped me assemble this book in its final stages and get it out into the digital world. I feel a deep sense of gratitude toward my undergraduate mentor, advi- sor, and friend, Michelle Harris. Her generosity was a turning point for me as a college freshman, and she and Harvey Charles have been a continued source of love and support throughout my career. I am also grateful to our collaborators, Sherrill Sellers and Frederick Gooding, with whom I met frequently to complete our coedited book as I wrote this book. Working

highlighting the territoriality of conventional street gangs and our knowledge about how street gangs use space. We then discuss the territoriality of alt- right gangs and Aryan free spaces or “set- tings where white power members meet with one another, openly express their extremist beliefs, and coordinate their activities” (Simi & Futrell 2015: 4). Aryan free spaces exist in both the physical and digital worlds (see Simi & Futrell 2006), but this chapter will focus on the former and conclude by comparing and con- trasting Aryan free spaces to conventional street gangs

widely ridiculed and that his roommate was planning a second filming. Tyler committed suicide several days later, a victim of cyber bullying. Tyler’s parents cofounded the Tyler Clementi Foundation to promote safe, inclusive, and respectful social environments in homes, schools, campuses, churches, and the digital world for vulnerable youth, LGBT youth, and their allies; to honor their son and brother; and to address the needs of vul- nerable populations, especially LGBT people and other victims of hostile social environments (see https

(Non)knowledge: Security, Law, and Surveil- lance in a Digital World. International Political Sociology 11(4): 327–42. Archer, John, and Jo Jones. 2003. Headlines from History: Violence in the Press, 1850–1914. Pp. 17–31 in The Meanings of Violence, edited by Elizabeth A. Stanko. New York: Routledge. Arendt, Hannah. 1963. Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. New York: Viking Press. Arrigo, Bruce, and Christopher Williams. 2003. Victim Vices, Victim Voices, and Impact Statements: On the Place of Emotion and the Role of Restorative Justice in

gave a great deal of power to interest groups that were focused on mass incarceration. These activist groups arose around the same time the prison newspaper reappeared. The digital world allowed even small voices to be heard far and wide. 206 t h e p r e s s i n p r i s o n We used to teach “mass communication” in colleges. Practically all those academic programs have been renamed and are now referred to by the more amorphous title “media studies.” The reality of today is that effective media no longer address “mass audiences.” Effective media reach niche

member of Parliament for the Scottish National Party, voiced these concerns about Google during a January 2014 debate on an intellectual property bill before the House of Commons in the United Kingdom: “It is a digital behemoth—there is nothing bigger in the digital world—and the gatekeeper for all our content industries. Nothing happens without Google, and nothing can go through its prism without satisfying it in some way” (Wishart 2014, 24). Given Google’s status as a digital behemoth, rights holders have fought a long-running campaign to pressure the search