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US Presidential Elections of the 1890s

of the scientific or technical challenges a start-up promises to surmount. Investors are often impressed by the credentials of a company’s core founding team, and less than careful when it comes to the science in question. The digital world has shaped this way of thinking, Parthasarathy says. Many investors built their fortunes through software companies, and their expectations for companies are based on the temporality of programming within the controlled environment of the com- puter. If you put a group of smart young software engineers (well, they don

, Instagram posts, even art and museum exhibitions all serve to make accessible and widen the reach of the symbolic versions of these phenomena, while simultaneously increasing their prestige. A materialist interpretation suggests that it is the world around us that shapes and limits our possibilities; the place we are born into is largely where we stay, without exercising considerable individual eff ort to form and manage our own identities.25 In this context, the digital world is often presented as a democratizing force that has the power to change the automatic

bifurca- tion is accelerating between this sector and the highly produc- tive and highly profitable knowledge-driven technology sector with broad exposure to the global economy. In short, the employment is not where the productivity is, and productivity and is not where the employment is. How to articulate this bifurcated economy in order to cope with the rising challenge of inequality while rewarding value and sharing wealth across these sectors should be at the top of any reform agenda. the parallel sharing economy As innovation in the digital world converges

steal intimate photos and videos. Those brave enough to explore issues of gender and sexuality online, whether through advocacy or research, face targeted abuse. Brutal harassment, ranging from sexist, homophobic, or transphobic comments to death threats, have forced some to back away from their public work or even to go into hiding.52 And recipients of virtual abuse have even killed themselves to stop the all-too-real pain.53 The internet can be a very dangerous neighborhood. The deep-seated inequalities that permeate every aspect of the digital world make it