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, New Zealand Film and Video Technicians Guild. Paraparaumu, 27 June 2004. Selkirk, Jamie. Coproducer and supervising editor, Rings; editor, Return. Welling- ton, 7 December 2004. Simpson, Jenny. Sponsorship manager, Air New Zealand. Auckland, 23 November 2004. Skaggs, Mark. Executive producer, “The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle- earth” (EA Games, 2004). Los Angeles, 1 September 2004. Stern, Keith. Owner, CompuWeb, Inc.; webmaster, Los An- geles, 15 June 2005. Taylor, Hayden. Systems manager, Film New Zealand. Wellington, 9

(Barry Levinson). Director. 1985 Young Sherlock Holmes (Barry Levinson). Director. 1987 Tin Men (Barry Levinson). Director, script. Good Morning, Vietnam (Barry Levinson). Director. 1988 Rain Man (Barry Levinson). Director. 1990 Avalon (Barry Levinson). Producer, director, script. 1991 Bugsy (Barry Levinson). Producer, director. Kafka (Steven Soderbergh). Executive producer. 1992 Toys (Barry Levinson). Producer, director, script. 1994 Jimmy Hollywood (Barry Levinson). Producer, director, script, actor. Disclosure (Barry Levinson). Producer, director. Quiz Show (Robert

the day of the sneak preview. Th e executive producer always calls me in for the running of the picture’s fi nal cut and I am invited to voice my opinion for or against proposed changes, and I may make suggestions myself. Th e actual composing of the music is not begun until the fi nal cut of the pic- ture is ready. But most of my leading themes and general mood motifs suggest themselves to me on reading the manuscript. Only when the picture has reached Some Experiences in Film Music 233 the stage of the fi nal cut can I proceed to compose the exact lengths

, script. Cookie (Susan Seidelman). Executive producer, co-script. 1990 My Blue Heaven (Herbert Ross). Executive producer, script. 1992 This Is My Life (Nora Ephron). Director, co-script. 1993 Sleepless in Seattle (Nora Ephron). Director, co-script. 1994 Mixed Nuts (Nora Ephron). Director, co-script. 1996 Michael (Nora Ephron). Producer, director, co-script. 1998 You’ve Got Mail (Nora Ephron). Producer, director, co-script. Strike! / aka All I Wanna Do (Sarah Kernochan). Executive producer. 2000 Hanging Up (Diane Keaton). Producer, co-script (based on Delia Ephron

, give Mason credit for the music and McLaughlin credit for the visuals, and send out the new version as a promo film for Mason and his record. Would Mr. McLaughlin accept another $500 for this simple, quick use of his film? McLaughlin smiled and debated. His other sleeve was being pulled anxiously by the managers of the Smothers Bros., who were debuting as executive producers on the Summer Bros. Show and needed as much prestige as new execs as they could muster. How would McLaughlin like their blowing up GOD IS DOG to 35mm and having them release it T

since that date received several other Academy Award nomina- tions for Best Direction, including Lifeboat (1994), Spellbound (1945), and Psycho (1960). During the last ten years, I have been executive producer on 273 half-hour and 90 one-hour television fi lms broadcast from coast to coast over the facilities of Columbia Broadcasting System and National Broadcasting Company; each of which television fi lms has not only borne my name preceding the title but also a caricature of my likeness which has become a personal trade-mark. Since 1948, I have been accorded

, script. Pretty in Pink (Howard Deutch). Executive producer, script. 1987 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (John Hughes). Producer, director, script. Some Kind of Wonderful (Howard Deutch). Producer, script. 1988 She’s Having a Baby (John Hughes). Producer, director, script. The Great Outdoors (Howard Deutch). Producer, script. 1989 Uncle Buck (John Hughes). Producer, director, script. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Jeremiah S. Chechik). Producer, script. 1990 Home Alone (Chris Columbus). Producer, script. 68 JOHN HUGHES McGilligan_Ch05 8/10/09 4:54 PM Page 68

Supervisor: Shirley Ulmer (uncredited) Cast: Rex Ingram (Dr. Gordon), Peggy Howard (Mary), Merritt Smith (George), Erostine Coles (Minister) DVD: Grapevine Video Diagnostic Procedures in Tuberculosis (US 1938) [Motion Picture Service Corpo- ration, b/w, 13min.] Director: Edgar Ulmer, Ph.D. [sic] Cinematography: William Miller Supervisor: J. Burgi Contner DVD: N/A Yankel der schmid / The Singing Blacksmith: (US 1938) [Collective Film Produc- ers, b/w, 105 min.] Director: Edgar G. Ulmer Screenplay: Ben-Zvi Baratoff, Ossip Dymow, David Pinski Executive Producer: Roman Rebush

relationship with the SIFF expanded public understanding of the co-production process. Ang Lee’s actions as a direc- tor established an important precedent, but David Lee’s essay promoted the event to the public. Like the Sino-US industry forums, David Lee’s essay on co-production in China was a marketing tool. David Lee’s role as a facilitator of Sino-US co-production deals positioned him as a storyteller both within the fi lmmaking process and about the fi lmmaking process. james schamus: screenwriter as comprador James Schamus, executive producer and screenwriter of

doing the looping here and I couldn’t be in London and here, so I had to not use Bernard Herrmann. I didn’t know who the hell to use then. Noel Marshall, who’s the executive producer on the movie— he’s Bill Blatty’s agent or manager— suggested Lalo Schifrin and I knew Lalo 15 years ago. I met Lalo when he fi rst came to this country, when he was Dizzy Gillespie’s pianist, and he was a The Annotated Friedkin 369 really great guy and I liked him and I knew he had great experience and integrity as a musician, quite apart from these movie scores that he was