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685 w Wasps Jacqueline Beggs University of Auckland, New Zealand Several species of social wasps have become invasive in many parts of the world. Vespula wasps can reach extremely high densities in their introduced range. They have restructured ecological communities; disrupted some industries such as forestry, grape growing, and tourism; and created a human health hazard from the risk of stings. Other social wasps are also pests, such as two species of paper wasp (Polistes). There is currently no technique for delivering widespread, effective

Trinity Lake, Alpen Cellars began growing white wine grapes in the 1980s on the East Fork Trinity River, and other grape- growing operations have flourished in Lewiston and Hyampom. Alpen Cellars makes Pinot Gris and Chardonnay from East Fork grapes and a Sangiovese from Hyampom Valley grapes. Potential production (up to 4.5 tons per acre) is less than that in other grape-growing areas in Green Grass and Green Gold 151 California (which produce 7 to 10 tons per acre), but the quality is quite high. Yet this yield is much higher than Pinot Noir plantings in off years in

instance concentrating on the grape-growing, wine-making, mind-expanding powers associated with the god Dionysus, from whom the Ptolemies had begun claiming ancestral descent. In honor of Dionysus, the parade was opened by actors dressed as the god’s companions and allies, the older Sileni (who restrained the crowds) and the youthful Satyrs (wearing artificial tails and outrageously large phalluses and carrying torches of gilded ivy). Next came incense—aromatic clouds of frankincense, myrrh, and saffron wafted into the air—fol- lowed by more costumed actors

westward. The town of Winters, a mere ten miles away, experienced an earthquake a century ago, and, Moores tells us, we should look suspiciously at the humps in our flat valley floor. Our smooth, rolling Dunnigan Hills, he says, are suspect territory disguising a growing geologic substructure of folds and faults. Interestingly enough, the Dunnigan Hills constitute an officially designated grape-growing re- 22 / Chapter 1 0 10 20 30 40 Depth (km) 150 100 50 Width (km) 0 Great Valley crust Great Valley mantle Alluvium Mantle Sierra Coast Range Sacramento Valley Franciscan

unimpaired drainage network (Deitch, Merenlender, and Feirer 2013). When we compare other important Mediterranean- climate grape-growing regions of the world, none face these kinds of constraints for the protection of native salmon. Spatial Patterns of Diversion Extraction methods for meeting rural water needs tend not to be con- centrated in one location; they also are not evenly distributed in space. For example, in Mill Creek (a tributary to Dry Creek in Sonoma County), vineyards are concentrated in the headwaters and the lower portion of the watershed, where