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minor offender compared to some of Oakland’s other Orthodox “wine rabbis,” who, unlike Paper, sold mostly to non- Jews.* One rabbi, who made deliveries from a horse- drawn “laundry wagon,” included among his c o s m o p o l i t a n s224 * In Oakland, as in other cities, “Orthodox bootlegging” was considered scandalous by Reform leaders. Temple Sinai’s Rabbi Rudolph Coffee used grape juice rather than wine to avoid even the suggestion of impropriety. customers a few influential Irish politicians,123 which kept the police far from his door. The repeal of Prohibition

) nation.55 In the area of foreign policy this applied at least for some fundamentalists to the American entry into the world war and, above all, plans to join the League of Nations. In domestic policy political decline was evident in the corruption of urban party apparatuses, in the circumvention or planned repeal of Prohibition, and in efforts to shed the public schools of their Christian character. Considerable segments of the fundamentalist camp initially opposed the United States' entry into the war. They modified this position only after America had become a