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British Working-Class Education in the Nineteenth Century

283 Burke Library Archives, Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University Libraries Diocesan Archives, Diocese of Toronto, Anglican Church of Canada General Synod Archives, Anglican Church of Canada, Toronto Mary Baker Eddy Library Archives, Boston Special Collections, Doris Lewis Rare Book Room, University of Waterloo Special Collections, Yale Divinity School Library Trinity College Archives, University of Toronto United Church of Canada Archives, Toronto Vancouver School of Theology Archives Archives Consulted

WORSHIP Asia City Harvest, Singapore Catholic Charismatic Church, Hyderabad, India Harvest Ministries Church, Hyderabad, India Africa Assemblies of God, Alexandria, South Africa Anglican Church, Kampala, Uganda Assemblies of God, Soweto, South Africa Latin America March for Jesus, São Paulo, Brazil Assemblies of God, Caracas, Venezuela Resurrection 2000 Church, Santiago, Chile Charismatic Catholic Worship, São Paulo, Brazil 245 CONTENTS OF DVD SOCIAL MINISTRIES Children and Youth Safe and Sound, Johannesburg, South Africa Stephen’s Children, Cairo, Egypt Nairobi


right) with Christian women physicians at a conference in India. / 107 8. Sherwood Eddy (left) with medium Leonard Stott and Quaker friend Edward C. Wood, ca. mid- 1940s. / 127 9. Sanctuary of St. Stephen- in- the- Fields Anglican Church, Toronto, photograph, interior, 1895. / 131 10. Newspaper image of Canon Moore Smith at court. / 140 11. Newspaper image of Reverend Alex Holmes praying for sick child at a Healing Ser vice in Toronto. / 141 12. Photo of Reverend Mervyn Dickinson interviewing men at a Toronto gay bar, November 15, 1965. / 165 Illustrations

CHAPTER XVII THE CHURCH SPEAKS O U T I can do no better than preface this short chapter with the words of the late Archbishop Joost de Blank, once Archbishop of Cape Town and Metropolitan of the Anglican Church of the Province of South Africa. He will always be remembered by Africans of various religious denominations for his inde- fatigable fight for the rights of the African people in this southern tip of Africa. 'It is a great mistake to think that the Church can be accused of political interference only when it happens to disagree with our own

Suffragan of the Anglican Church in Lesotho; the Revd. John Diaho, President of the Synod of the Lesotho Evangelical Church; and the Revd. S. S. Thakholi, Secretary of the Synod of the Lesotho Evangelical Church. They said: 'We, the undersigned, Heads and Leaders of Churches in Lesotho, hereby wish to express our grave concern over certain events and attitudes which have repeatedly come to our notice in recent months. We refer to incidents of in- justice, violence and torture which have been reported to us, and have been verified by us in certain places in Lesotho

Buddhist-Christian debate at Gampola Beginning of the Dëvapùjà Vàdaya 1873 Buddhist-Christian debate at Pânadurë Founding of Vidyodaya Pirivena at Màligâkanda by Hikkaduvë Sumam- gala 1875 Founding of Vidyalamkâra Pirivena at Pàliyagoda by Ratmalânë Dham- mâloka 1880 Arrival of Theosophists in Ceylon Beginning of the publication of Sarasavi Sahdarasa Disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Ceylon 1882 Founding of the Pali Text Society 1883 Catholic-Buddhist clash at Kotahëna 1886 Death of Ambagahavattë Indàsabhavara Nànasàmi 1887 Clash between Olcott and


agency of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, under the program offi cer Neema Peter. The experience was both reveal- ing and frustrating. It was revealing to see that most of our clients were Preface xii p r e f a c e women, who were processing the outcomes of HIV tests without any hope of treatment, and to see the gaps that existed between knowledge and behavior. It was frustrating to realize that while the one-by-one, commu- nity-by-community approach was vitally important, the problem of HIV/ AIDS in Africa, and among women in particular, required an approach

while, healing incorporated both the supernatural and the scientifi c, as a realm in which liberal Prot- estants could calibrate their experiences of and “tune” their reactions to a range of modern technologies of the self, whether biomedicine, radio mind, or psychoanalysis. Being “liberal Protestants” gave many middle- class, and largely white, Canadians a space in which to imagine and to work toward a cosmopolitan world that would be founded on peace with justice. But being a member of the Anglican Church or the United Conclusion Critical Condition The idea

Subject Index Adventure schools, 49; in Scotland, 235 Age of Discussion, 107 Age of Equipoise, 108 Age of Improvement, 107 Agricultural districts, 237, 264-65, 267-68 Agricultural gangs, 265 Airdrie, 243 American Civil War, 140, 262 American Protestant Union, 230 Anglesey, 178, 182 Anglican Church, 26, 57, 65, 69, 138; opposition to Irish system, 209—10, I I I — 1 2 . See also Anglicans; Church of England; Established Church; High Church; Low Church Anglican National Society, 96. See also National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Prin