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A Study of the Formative Years

57 The Father of the California Wine Industry The old town of Sonoma is dominated by its spacious plaza, laid out when the town was founded in 1835 and now a state historical monument. In the north- west section of the plaza, on June 15, 1946, Joseph Knowland, the publisher of the Oakland Tribune, and the officers of the Sonoma County Wine Growers’ Association met to dedicate a bronze plaque to a pioneer wine grower of Sonoma County, the Hungarian Agoston Haraszthy (1812 – 1869). Variously styled Count or Colonel (though he was neither) Haraszthy, the man

C H A P T E R F I V E California Wine an d World War II The boom in wine consumption expected after Repeal in 1933 did not arrive until 1942. The result of a managed wartime economy that took whiskey off the shelves and put money in consumers' pockets, the boom permanently changed the structure of wine production and distribution in the United States by breaking the strength of regional bottlers and by creating an economic environment conducive to the introduction of national brands and at-winery bottling. As is characteristic of most boom periods, the

A History of a Grape and Its Wine
With a New Preface
From Prohibition to the Present
A Complete Guide from Monterey to Santa Barbara