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Chapter 10 PATTERNS OF PROFESSIONAL INCORPORATION INTO THE NEW CLASS SYSTEM Professionalization generally implies that status is chosen over class as a mode of approaching social reality and acting upon it. This choice is one of the principal roots of the professions' overall conformism with the social order, though by no means the only one. Going from the general background to specific examples, we must consider now how the "model" professions of medicine and the law sought to insert them- selves in the upper rungs of the status system. MEDICINE AND THE

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9 The Rise of Corporate Capitalism and the Consolidation of Professionalism 136 The New Context of Professionalization • Generalization of the Professional Project; the Structural Background 10 Patterns of Professional Incorporation into the New Class System 159 Medicine and the Cohesiveness of Economic Interest • The Legal Profession, Epitome of Social Stratification 11 Profession and Bureaucracy 178 The Growth of Organizational Professions • Professional Uses of Expertise in Heteronomous Organizations • Client Orientation, Public Service, and