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Koreans in Los Angeles 1965–1982
Richard Atkinson and the University of California, 1995–2003

12 The Essential Entrepreneur This chapter explores certain strategies for dealing with the dynamic features of a political contest. In general there are two important aspects to the development of a contest over time. First, at any given point in time, the entrepreneur and his allies work with at least some production resources that they have themselves created by prior action, presumably to serve their own strategic ends; and second, at any given point in time, the opportunities, risks, and uncertainties to various interests, includ- ing the

8 Gangster Entrepreneur Du Yuesheng and the Shanghai Economy T h e growth in the power and influence of Du Yuesheng in the 1930s was accompanied by, and inseparable from, the expansion of his economic interests. This expansion also went through two dis- tinct phases. The first covered the period from about 1928 to 1931 and its main features were the more or less continuing close coop- eration between Du and his two Green Gang colleagues, Huang Jinrong and Zhang Xiaolin; the regular use of coercive gangster tactics to gain economic advantage with

—to gendered rela- 4 Entrepreneurial Mommies Several years ago, my family learned that we might be next in line. We never knew for sure, but based on my great- grandfather’s infl uence and my grandfather’s connections, people predicted that one of the men in my family would come to power. So ten years ago, we started to put things in place so that we would be ready when the day came. . . . We knew that we would need a safe place to entertain our guests, so we started looking around for girls we could trust and train. . . . Without the mommies, money would not move as

injured party the choice between a complaint claiming only, and limited to, damages for typical harm and one claiming damages for foreseeable harm based on the defendant's moral negligence committed by entrusting the car to an unfit person. § 2 1 . c. "Immune" entrepreneurs, ( i) The limitation of government immunity100 is still based on distinctions about 96 See P R O S S E R , T O R T S 500. The owner has even been held liable for an accident negligently caused by his minor son's guest. Cohen v. Whiteman, 75 Ga. App. 286, 43 S. E. (2d) 184 (1947). 96 See P R

Chapter One Professional Entrepreneurs The inauguration of federally financed Medicare and Medicaid pro- grams created new opportunities for fraud and abuse by members of the medical profession. Physicians had been beguiled into accepting the federal benefit programs—though as a group they kicked and screamed along the way—because they presumed they could control the direction the programs would take. The benefit programs had come about in response to restiveness among voters, particularly among the growing ranks of the elderly, who feared that they would

chapter 6 Families and Entrepreneurs 121 In 1969, S. H. Franklin wrote an influential book on the European coun- tryside titled The European Peasantry. Its subtitle captured the sense of the times—The Final Phase. Indeed, in his final chapter Franklin evokes the idea of the few rural smallholders left in the countryside becoming little more than park keepers, preserving the landscape for the urban folk who rush by on weekends and holidays. Yet, as we said at the opening of this book, for some areas of Europe the shift has been less a near-total exodus from the

and serve as a nonverbal medium for creative communication. KEVIN M. MURPHY, Winslow Homer as Entrepreneur Excerpts (pp. 147-49,154_55> 157—58) from "Painting for Money: Winslow Homer as Entrepreneur," Winterthur Portfolio 37, nos. 2 - 3 (2002): 147-60. Copyright © 2002 by The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Inc. [Winslow] Homer used established exhibition methods that were available to late nine- teenth-century American artists—art academies, private clubs, and expositions. Yet he did not take advantage of one common and time-honored method of