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, the later period when the episode was made. extended seriality and alternate possible worlds Like textual-actual-world episodes, alternate-possible-world episodes can integrate with Star Trek’s extended seriality. Enterprise, more than any of the other post-TOS series, most consistently and self-consciously tied indi- vidual episodes to the past and future history of Star Trek’s textual actual world and even of its alternate possible worlds (rather ironically, given the producers’ desire to bring in new audiences, which we discussed in chapter 2). We began

traced the history of Star Trek through the classic network and multichannel eras, this chapter and the following two discuss the Star Trek production process primarily in the latter period. Two reasons motivate our decision to focus on the multichannel era. First, Art, Commerce, and Creative Autonomy / 57 as we argued in the introduction, while some factors altered between the two eras, others remained stable. The changes in the American television industry’s business model from mass to niche audiences affected the kinds of programs made and their