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Mexico and the Caribbean

HISTORY ....... This page intentionally left blank Because the kings of France loved Tivoli these windows bearing oranges globed, glowed, and that’s how night becomes day without taking your eyes off their palaces in winter. A garden is a mirror he said stepping back to get a larger view he knew a globe upon a table, that’s containable, whereas an orange will seem to expand in the dark—we’ve trained our explosions to slow down. We thought the world was warm, was orange, and hung ripe among the leaves all around us. From the French: garder: to keep as well

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372.1); 4.3.173f.* (cf.k M863), 179 (cf. B724); 4.6.7f. (cf. P327) (8) 5.1.37, 44 (cf. S914), 45 (T58I), 64 (cf. S934), 116F.* (cf. e.g., T324), 166f. (cf. M341), 177-80 (cf. M26), 262 (cf. H586), 287 (cf. N279), 298f. (cf. W602), 339 f * (cf. N241), 409 (D 139.1 ), 411 (cf. L282.1), 411 (M800), 428 (L9), 453 (cf. T244), 537 (cf. M980) ( 16) (110) ' 2. Cf. Appendix B: BB6, 18, CC20, CG7, HH4,JJ1, MM 13, PP3, 15, RR2. 3 . SS3 .TT8 , 13, 16.WW6, 7(17) HISTORIES King Henry the Sixth, Part One.1 1.1.6* (cf. G251), 75 (cf. F164), 175 (J23); 1.2.9* (?cf