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. 1994. Gamekeepers for the Nation: The Story of New Zea- land’s Acclimatisation Societies. Christchurch: Canterbury University Press. Osborne, M. A. 1993. The Société Zoologique d’Acclimatation and the New French Empire: Science and Political Economy during the Second Empire and Third Republic. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. AdelgId see hemlock woolly AdelgId Agreements, InternAtIonAl JAmIe k. reAser Ecos Systems Institute, Stanardsville, Virginia International agreements are used between or among national governments in order to establish mutual under

Managing Resource Use Across Political Boundaries
The Global Repercussions of U.S. Policy
War and Survival in Congo

47 TWO Internationalizing International History Akira Iriye That the study of the history of international relations must be interna- tionalized may sound tautological. After all, international relations by def- inition deals with affairs among a plurality of nations; it would therefore make little sense to study the subject in the framework of just one nation. And yet a surprisingly large number of studies continue to have a unina- tional focus, seeing world affairs from the perspective of just one country. Many histories of the foreign policies of particular