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Approaches, Applications, and Implications
Anthropology on New Terrain

? Elemental Media Light, it turned out, does not need the ether. It can go anywhere but a black hole. But sound needs resonating media, and if we think of its media collectively then something like the ether might come back into play as an elemental medium.1 In The Marvelous Clouds, John Durham Peters suggests that media are not merely bearers of messages nor even also messages in their own right but, further still, phenomena with a distinct sensory presence of their own. Media form part of the experience that they help to communicate. The concept of media thus

But the puppet was a caricature, an irritating and grotesque imitation that a bit of intelligence or courage was sufficient to unmask. The problem for us is that our images are so perfect, so seductive, and that we are so used to living in their midst, conforming our actions and even our thoughts to them, that we can no longer distinguish between appearance and being. —MAX MILNER MEDIA PHANTASMAGORIA 139 JEAN GAGNON When discussing her interactive video installation Room of One’s Own (1990–93), Lynn Hersh- man readily acknowledges its ancestry in Thomas Edison

US Presidential Elections of the 1890s
Immersion and Embodiment in the Arts and Culture

Given its many visually and narratively compelling elements and high attendance, it is not surprising that Burning Man has been the subject of prodigious media attention. The event has been covered by large main- stream media organizations such as CNN, the Associated Press, and the BBC, as well as local news stations, newspapers, and dozens of other international outlets. It has also been visited by numerous aspiring doc- umentary filmmakers, resulting in a few dozen completed films of differ- ing length and quality. On occasion, parodies or other mentions of