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VII Characteristics of Minority Group Housing Population and Housing One aspect of the rising American standard of living has been the tendency of the housing supply to expand more rapidly than population, thus providing an increasing amount of housing per capita.1 The nonwhite population, however, has received much less than a proportionate share of the growing housing resources (table 13). In the decade 1940-1950 the percent increase in white-occupied dwellings exceeded the growth of population by a wide margin, but for nonwhites the reverse was true

VI Economic Status and Social Characteristics of Minority Groups The housing demand of any group of people is affected by their incomes, family structure, the place of housing in their scale of values, and their preferences. Within the limits of ability to pay, different types of housing are demanded by married couples with children, childless couples, elderly couples, and unattached per- sons. Consumers vary also in the part of their resources which they are prepared to spend for housing, and in their preferences for housing types, tenures, and

768 appendix i MAYHEM INDEX, MOBILITY-MERITOCRACY INDEX, AND MINORITY-GROUP CLEAVAGES Mayhem Index The Wilensky mayhem index is constructed from four components: death rates due to fire and to homicide, divorce rates, and unemployment rates. Its theoretical rationale is in the text. The distribution of values on each component is divided into high, medium, medium- low, and low values, based on natural cutting points. Each country receives a score of 3 for a high value on that component, 2 for a medium value, 1 for a medium-low value, and 0 for a low value. The

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