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The Politics of Urban Regional Development

13 New York, New York In which Brown and Coupez cross the country in order to attend the Attica Day Protest in Buffalo and visit fellow female prison activists in Brooklyn As the summer came to a close, Rita andTherese decided to solidify their ties with their colleagues inAttica Brothers LegalDefense by attending the annualAtticaDay demonstration in Buffalo, NewYork, on September 21, 1975. After the protest, they would drive to Brooklyn and meet others who provided support to incarcerated women. Two of the Attica Brothers they had brought out to Seattle, Frank

Transnational Lives of New Immigrants

72 While California was welcoming our fi rst wine and our initial foray into London came as something of a lark, New York was another mat- ter. Getting restaurant buyers and retail shop own ers in Manhattan to pay attention to Shafer proved diffi cult. The East Coast wine estab- lishment was still much more oriented toward Old World wines, spe- cifi cally those of Burgundy and Bordeaux. Wine- buying habits in- grained over a couple of centuries had hardly been erased in the four years since the Judgment of Paris. The second thing that worked against us was

O N E New York March One day in mid-March, a few weeks before the promotion cere- mony, Nakasato Michio had returned from a staff meeting to his general manager's desk in Project Development. The digital clock face set in his paperweight showed 3:30. One hour before his next meeting to negotiate on a project for tourism in Okinawa. As he was expected at an early dinner meeting hosted by a major construction firm, he could not idle away this precious hour. He set to work on a pile of papers awaiting his decision. Acknowledging a welcome cup of tea that a young

290 Chapter 18 New York Ending Over a period of months, work, activism, and friends pulled Myrna out of her depression. It dawned on her, after some extended wallowing, that she needed to get out of her own skin, to get busy and to be around other people. Before her fourth divorce was final, she returned to 20th Century–Fox at the end of1959to play PaulNewman’s alcoholic and adulterousmother in From the Terrace. The role was similar to her battered wife in Lonely- hearts, except that this film is in CinemaScope and color, with posh sets providing background for

209 NATIONAL FOREST IN NEW YORK The Finger Lakes National Forest, the only national forest in New York, is the newest region to gain national forest status. It is administered by the for- est supervisor of Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest. Finger Lakes National Forest is in Region 9 of the United States Forest Service. 209-212_Mohl-East-10-NY 2/18/06 8:45 AM Page 209 Finger Lakes National Forest SIZE AND LOCATION: 16,032 acres in west-central New York, between Seneca Falls and Elmira. Major access roads are State Routes 79, 227, and 414 and County

really that, i.e., actually some vital ReNewing of the Deep, the On, the Gone, the truly Out, is authentic transportation up up up to Digging (Digitaria, the Dogon named it, the star one had to peep in order to dig the furthermost star in the Universe, SERIOUS! Yeh). The really new (so afterwards you really knew) cannot be mere title and titillation (no matter how well ch ap ter 80 New York Art Quintet UC-Baraka_ToPress.indd 394 3/10/2009 5:38:50 PM New York Art Quintet 395 intentioned). The genuinely or profoundly new remains a portal of rev- elation whose

to tell about it, she had come to understand the extent of her am- bition, which demanded a wider range of books—and residence in New York. The capital of American publishing at least since the 1890s, the city offered libraries and museums, lunches with editors, and the proximity of writers and other artists she cared about. Yet during the fourteen years she 1 1 9 s i x NEW YORK 1911–1914 If I were to stay here now it would be because I am afraid to go home again—and I am not—I feel it necessary to insist that I am not afraid. I must go back and look America