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285 For the purposes of space, the following acronyms are used for frequently cited sources from the period. trade journals EP Editor and Publisher, then Editor & Publisher and Journalist KK Kalem Kalendar M Motography MPM Motion Picture Magazine MPN Motion Picture News MPW Moving Picture World NYMT New York Morning Telegraph PM Photoplay Magazine UW Universal Weekly newspapers ALT Albert Lea Tribune AtC Atlanta Constitution AuC Augusta Chronicle AS Anaconda Standard BAH Birmingham Age-Herald BuC Buffalo Courier BE Buffalo Enquirer BN Baltimore News BST Buffalo

4 Newspapers .Like spoken dramas and cartoons, newspapers were turned into a propaganda and educational tool during the war. The journalist Cheng Shewo (1898-1991) described the power of the press vividly in his influential article " 'Paper Bullets' Can Also Annihilate the Enemy" published in 1938. It would be a grave mistake, Cheng wrote, to be- little the influence of the press, for it was a weapon that could stir up national consciousness and wage political war against the invaders. Like bullets, newspapers "killed," Cheng claimed.1 If spoken dramas

THE NEWSPAPER A l t h o u g h n e w s p a p e r t y p o g r a p h y is, in genera l , cha rac te r i s t i c of our t ime, and, at least in p r inc ip le , shows how g o o d t y p o g r a p h i c o rgan iza t ion can be, the re are also many examples w h e r e newspape r se t t i ng cou ld be ra ised to a level real ly express ive of our t imes. A p a r t f rom our now much heavier head l ines , mode rn n e w s p a p e r s are no t very d i f f e ren t f rom those of, say, 1850. The f i rs t n e w s p a p e r s we re l ike the f l ysheets and pamph le ts

277 The following newspapers, arranged under city and town headings, contain motion picture pages, columns, and other materials that have been the sub- ject of analysis in this book. Circulation figures come from the Newspaper Annual and Directory (Philadelphia: N. W. Ayer & Son, 1914) and The Editor and Publisher and Journalist, April 3, 1915, 880–92.1 City popula- tion figures come from the Thirteenth Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1910 (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1913). new york city, pop. 4,770,000 New York American, 277

215 BaltSun = [Baltimore] Sun BrookEagle = Brooklyn Daily Eagle ChicTrib = Chicago Daily Tribune NYHerald = New York Herald NYJournal = New York Journal NYMail&Express = New York Mail and Express NYPress = New York Press NYSun = [New York] Sun NYTimes = New York Times NYTrib = New York Tribune NYWorld = New York World Abbreviations for Frequently Cited Newspapers

73 One can determine with relative certainty when and where newspapers first experimented with, and then instituted, a weekend page devoted to motion pictures. Less easy to explain is why some editors and reporters came to think that their readers would be interested in having a weekly menu of news and information in the local newspaper they subscribed to or bought at a newsstand. Did they recognize a growing demand from readers now that motion pictures were more established as an increasingly popular venue of entertainment for millions of people? If so

her all around she was pretty slack. I never meddled in these matters, THE FIRST NEWSPAPER 253 they weren't my affair, but I did hate to see the way things were going on, and I don't mind saying that much. Many's the time she had asked me, "Sir Boss, hast seen Sir Launcelot about!" but if ever she went fretting around for the king I didn't happen to be around at the time. There was a very good layout for the king's-evil business-very tidy and cred itable. The king sat under a canopy of state, and about him were clustered a large body of the clergy in

Abbreviations of Newspapers and Journals Cited BJRB Beijing ribao DGB Dagong bao (Beijing and Tianjinj DZJYB Dazhong jingying bao DZRB Dazhong ribao FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service FJRB Fujian ribao GDNMB Guangdong nongmin bao GMRB Guangming ribao GRB Guangzhou ribao GXRB Guangxi ribao GZRB Guizhou ribao HBJJB Hebei jingji bao HLB Huili bao JFRB ]iefang ribao JJCK Jingji cankao JJRB Jingji ribao JNB Jiangsu nongmin bao Abbreviations JPRS-CEA JPRS-CPS JPRS-CRA JPRS-CRF MBRMB NBRMB NCGZTX NFRB NMRB NYJJWT RMHYB RMRB SCMM SCMP SPRCM STJP SXNM TKP XGSB

203 Appendix B Punjabi Newspapers, 1880–1905 Name Place of Publication Years Maximum Circulation Information Aror Vans Samachar Lahore 1885–86 Monthly; 350 Deals with local news and caste questions (Arora). Bhatia Samachar Lahore 1901 Bimonthly; 400 Contains news about the Bhatia sect. Gurmukhi Akhbar Lahore and Amritsar 1880–87, 1893 Initially weekly, but then trimonthly; 325 This paper is the organ of the Singh Sabha. Indian Khalsa Gazette Lahore 1899 Monthly; 100 Paper started for the benefit of the Sikhs and contains extracts of the Adi Granth, and gives

241 Selected Weimar Periodicals and Newspapers AEG-Mitteilungen Der Angriff Architektur und Schaufenster Die Auslage. Dekoration, Reklame, Verkaufspraxis, Organisation. Deutsches Fachorgan für Ladeninhaber, Schaufensterdekorateure sowie für alle Ladenbau- und Ladenausstattungsbranchen Berlin. Berliner Wochenspiegel für Leben, Wirtschaft und Verkehr der Reichshauptstadt Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger Berliner Morgen-Zeitung Berliner Stadtblatt Berliner Tageblatt Berliner Wochenschau Blau-Rot City Die Dame Die Damenkonfektion Deutsche