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2 0 0 The following videos can be found at : At a Samburu Cattle Camp Simba Tours the Ruins Bleeding a Cow and Debates About Loyalty Lekeren on Tinga Conversations With Tinga Song and Prayer at a Pokot Dance The Pokot Buffalo Dance Dialogues on the Sheik list of videos online

Online Film Clips The following film clips, discussed in this book, may be viewed online at Clip 1. Song o’ My Heart, sync-sound scene compared to music-and-effects version Clip 2. Pett and Pott, commuters scene Clip 3. Ivan the Terrible, Ivan speaks to the boyars, introduction Clip 4. Ivan the Terrible, Ivan rises Clip 5. Three Little Pigs, shot 15 Clip 6. Three Little Pigs, first agitato Clip 7. Three Little Pigs, wolf’s final assault Clip 8. Playful Pluto, wind vortex Clip 9. Playful Pluto, water hose Clip 10. Love

Louise and Ferera on Hawaiian guitars and ukulele. Victor Record 18159-B, 1916. Online Examples x | Online Examples 4. “Pirati,” music and lyrics by Gian Maria Vaglietti, performed by Ex Presidenti and released on their album Pirati, Surfer Girl Records, 2005 ( Used by permission of Vaglietti. 5. “The Wolves,” lyrics and music by Ben Howard. From These Waters (EP 2009). Used by permis- sion of Owain Davies. 6. “H2O,” music and lyrics by Kelli Heath, performed by the Girlas and released on their album Now or

uncertainty App. 7.3 Can California crop production “go organic”? App. 7.4 Lifecycle accounting and pollution trading: next generation decision-making App. 7.5 Metrics for nitrogen management App. 7.6 Toward a unifi ed monitoring strategy for California’s N cascade App. 8.1 Experience with nitrogen policy instruments in practice: case studies Online appendices may be accessed at

further reading and online sources chapter 1: marine mammals Further Reading Baker, C. S., M. L. Dalebout, S. Lavery, and H. A. Ross. 2003. “DNA- Surveillance: Applied Molecular Taxonomy for Species Conservation and Discovery.” Trends in Ecology and Evolution 18 (6): 271– 72. Berta, A., J. L. Sumich, and K. M. Kovacs. 2006. Marine Mammals: Evolutionary Biology. 2nd ed. San Diego, CA: Elsevier (Academic Press). Perrin, W. F., B. Wursig, and J. G. M. Thewissen. 2009. The Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals. 2nd ed. San Diego, CA: Academic Press. Online Sources

193 Online SOil and land ReSOuRceS Agricultural Information and Advice Orange County Farm Bureau San Joaquin County Farm Bureau Lodi Woodbridge Winegrape Commission Community Alliance with Family Farmers UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program UC Cooperative Extension and Agriculture Experiment Station UC Davis, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences UC Davis

ix Online auxiliaries for instructors and Students teaCHinG GUiDes: UC Press website ( studio art – Level 1 – eCo art Genres Art projects introduce bio art, digital art, installation, public art, social practice. Sample syllabus. studio art – Level 2 – art strateGies art projects explore eco art visualization, intervention, activation, satirization. Sample  syllabus. Contemporary art History assignments contextualize contemporary eco art within the history of art. Sample syllabus. environmental studies – Level 1 – eCo art issUes Projects

the main temple, Wanla monastery, ladakh, ca. 19th – 20th century(?). Photo by author. 2-3 Sculpted cover of an AsP Ms in worship during restoration of the manuscript, Patan, Nepal. July 19, 2004. Photo by author. 2-4 vajra tārā lotus maṇḍala, Chandipur near Pātharghāta in Bhagalpur district, Bihar, ca. 12th century. Bronze. Indian Museum, Kolkata. Photo by author. liSt of figuReS and diagRamS online l i S t o f f i g u R e S a n d d i a g R a m S o n l i n ex x i i 3-1 Buddha’s life scenes, tārā and Avalokiteśvara, folios 207v – 208r, AsP Ms (Ms A6), ca

xiii Expectations about privacy are diff erent in online environments than in public physical spaces. Much of the data I present in this book are publicly accessible—the majority of websites in my study do not require any log-in information or membership. Yet individuals who contribute to websites that deal with unique and sensitive issues, like sex from a Christian perspective, generally do not expect that their comments will be used for anything other than the online dialogue in which they are generated. Although the people I interviewed understood that

81 Wyoming, a forty-eight-year-old teacher living in New England, had never visited an online message board before he started reading BetweenTh e (BTS) in search of advice that would help his marriage. He got married later in life than most of his friends, when he was forty-one. Aft er being married for a couple of years, he began to experience diffi culties becom- ing erect for sexual encounters, which strained his relationship with his wife. In addition to the doctors and pastor he consulted, Wyoming started search- ing online for insight from