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254 NATIONAL FOREST IN PENNSYLVANIA Located in northwestern Pennsylvania is the Allegheny National Forest, which extends north to the New York state line. It is in Region 9 of the United States Forest Service. 254-266_Mohl-East-13-PA 2/18/06 8:49 AM Page 254 Allegheny National Forest SIZE AND LOCATION: Approximately 470,000 acres in northwestern Pennsylva- nia, extending from Bradford near the New York border south for nearly 50 miles. Major access routes are U.S. Highways 6, 62, and 219 and State Routes 59, 66, 127, 321, 346, 666, 770, 948, 949, and 3002

CHAPTER PENNSYLVANIA,TEXAS, AND BIG OIL Although Texas had this almost boundless public domain, it was given away, dissipated, and squandered with a reckless abandon.... It was as carelessly disposed of as was the family fortune in the traditional proverb of the profligate son. — R A L P H W . YARBOROUGH in a fore- word to Thomas Lloyd Miller's The Public Lands of Texas, 1519-1970 This discovery set off the wildest, most irresponsible, and wasteful binge the oil industry has ever seen. —Chairman J IM C. LANGDON of the Texas Railroad Commission in

The Saint's Legend in the Pennsylvania German Folk-Culture DON YODER, University of Pennsylvania INTRODUCTION The Pennsylvania German folk-culture, which was built up in the acculturation process between the emigrant cultures from the con- tinent of Europe and the British Isles, was a mixed bag, a very mixed bag, a hybrid affair in which the elements that came into the culture from the "outside" were equally important with the elements that came with the German-speaking immigrants of the eighteenth century to colonial Pennsylvania. I have dealt at length

Outlawing Dissent: Trials of Heresy The Steel Fist in a Pennsylvania Company 'Town Pete Muselin State sedition laws had their own victims who rarely received national attention. Between 1917 and 1921, two-thirds of the states enacted se- dition laws that made criminal those utterances, writings, and associa- tions that were presumed to advance violence as a way of effecting po- litical or social change. In fact, these statutes were vaguely written, loosely construed, and used to chill expression of radical ideas and in- hibit the organization of unions and, much

Hohman and Romanus: Origins and Diffusion of the Pennsylvania German Powwow Manual DON YODER, University of Pennsylvania Occult folk medicine is the type that makes use of charms, formulas, spells, conjurations, and blessings in the attempt to heal the ills o f man and of beast.1 In the European and American prac- tice of folk medicine, the formulas used are in most cases ancient in origin and are related to the word-magic of primitive as well as complex cultures in all parts of the world. The formulas have been transmitted to the present generation of

the organization’s budget and, as Corboy says, “keeps us on the up and up.” Although the Greensgrow site, a former steel plant and Brownfields zone, was long ago remediated by the EPA, raised beds are used for everything from nursery plants to kale. GREENSGROW FARMS AND THE PHILADELPHIA PROJECT PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA THE NONPROFIT, FOR-PROFIT FARM 104 Greensgrow’s hybrid nature renders it nearly solvent financially (85 percent of its budget is generated by the farm and nursery) and therefore is open to change and experimentation. Corboy likes to say

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