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Building State Capacity in Latin America

3 T H E P O L I T I C I A N ' S P R O B L E M The politician wants power. Whether his intention is public service, or private gain, or both, the first step is accession to a position of power: to be elected a Member of the Legislative Assembly. Broadly speaking there are three ways in which he can do the job. He may try to make a "mass contact"; he may use existing groups, nonpolitical as well as political; or, thirdly, he may build up an organization of new groups. To say that a politician has a "mass contact" is, in Orissa, to pay a high compliment

century enabled ambitious members of the com- mercial and industrial classes to acquire some proficiency in the art of public speaking. Plenty of teachers, known as sophists, were ready to furnish, for a consideration, the necessary instruction, regardless of previous condition of incapacity and without interruption of business. Anyone THE POLITICIANS 49 who was able and willing to pay the price might hope to prepare himself to take a part in the discussion of public affairs. All Athenians in full possession of their political rights were permitted to speak in

121 c h a p t e r 1 0 The Politician Howard Bennett learned about Willard Bascom through the newspaper articles regarding David Brown’s accusations that sprouted up for a few days and, later, through phone conver- sations with Brown himself. Bennett now had a villain for his Santa Monica Bay morality play. Unlike Mayor Tom Bradley or the Los Angeles City Council, who occupied a gray area between good and evil, the Bascom story was black and white. Whenever Bennett talked about Bascom, his voice got louder and the words sped by, expressing such umbrage

7 Gangster Politician Du Yuesheng and the Guomindang State In reaction to the crisis of 1 9 3 1 - 3 2 and the consequent erosion of the authority of the government, Jiang Jieshi conducted a major political reorganization of the regime after 1932 , an important ele- ment of which was the implementation of a form of state corpora- tism. As applied in Shanghai, this reorganization, particularly the creation of corporatist institutional structures, provided Du Yue- sheng with a range of new opportunities, and enabled him to con- duct a far

A Case Study in Public Policy

CHAPTER II The Actors: (3) The Politicians The politician is the third apex of our decision-making triangle. Invariably, the final decision is his. But he does not take the de- cision in a vacuum: he is faced with one set of pressures from voters, organized (more or less) into pressure and interest groups; and another set of pressures from bureaucrats or professionals- in-government. THE BASIC PROBLEM We need to make certain assumptions about the behaviour of these politicians, in order to build a theory for testing. Positive political science, following the

216 8 “The RUF Thought I Was on Their Side” The Politician Throughout the war in Sierra Leone, love consisted of explicit practices of sacrifi ce and choice, most often geared towards immediate survival. Very few were in a position to achieve permanence during the war; rebel commanders were among the few in a position to become big, however temporarily. People from David to Adama did the daily work of creating and nurturing small relationships that eased the hardships of war, but these relationships were with other “small” people, who had few resources of

A Biography of Jerry Brown