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, 2012; Clear, 2007). One in every six African American men has been incarcerated at some point (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 2009–2016; Bonzcar, 2003). At the current rate, prisons will house one in three African American males and nearly three-quarters of African American high school dropouts (Simon, 2007; Bonczar, 2003; Pettit, 2012). Th is book charts the long road to prison and shows how the punitive dynam- ics that infl uence the early educational experiences of African American youths chapter 1 Public Schools in a Punitive

CHAPTER Organizational Tensions and Authority in Public Schools S C H O O L S A R E formal organizations. So are ITT, the local laundromat, prisons, churches, and the Republican Party. One can learn a good deal by analyzing schools' characteristics and conflicts in terms sociologists have developed in the study of other kinds of organizations. These have been but scantily applied in the study of schools.1 This chapter introduces the major elements of organizations which sociologists have found to be useful in explaining their form and their activities

sons and daughters of rich, middle-class, and poor families—white, black, Asian, Hispanic, and multiracial— commingle, at least in principle, if not in actual fact. That’s why Berke- ley High looks a lot more like the rest of America than most urban and suburban schools, and why Berkeley High is a microcosm of the strug- gle over educational equity and excellence that is transpiring across the nation. In effect, it is a struggle for the soul of American public schools. ——— When Hasmig Minassian teaches a freshman seminar on race and eth- nicity at Berkeley High

Chapter 1 HOBSON'S CHOICE: YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD PUBLIC SCHOOL, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. JOHN 1 5 : 1 3 Choice has never been wholly erased from public education. Typically children are assigned to school not by lot or I.Q. but by residence. Families may move, and there are some differences in style and curriculum among the school districts and among schools. A number of school systems even permit families living in the district to select among local public schools, allowing students to travel out of their

159 Charter schools in new Orleans have been hailed as the silver lining from Hurricane Katrina. The state of louisiana used the hurricane as an opportunity to rebuild the entire new Orleans public school system, considered among the worst in the country, and launched the nation’s most extensive charter school experiment. These rebuilding efforts focused on charter schools not only as the primary means of expanding school choice in the public school system but also as a way of holding failing traditional public schools accountable at the district level

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