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R E S E A R C H M E T H O D S During the seven years I spent researching and writing this book, I inter- viewed 250 people. The majority of them lived or worked in Glen Ridge. These included past and present students at the middle school and high school; members of the high school Class of '89; parents; teachers, school administrators, and other educators; members of the school board; Glen Ridge municipal officials and police officers; clergy; leaders of civic orga- nizations; current and former residents who had been active in school and community affairs

247 Back in 1997 I was running a small technical writing company in Cali- fornia when I received an unexpected invitation to work in China. I was given two days to make a decision and two weeks to make the cross- Pacifi c move. Assuming that it would be an intriguing but brief dalliance, I put my business on hold and headed for the southern sea- port of Zhuhai. My time in China has proven longer— and infi nitely more intriguing— than expected. Over the past thirteen years I’ve served on the board of directors of an educational research or ga ni za tion

A Reference Guide
Case Studies and Lessons from the Data-Intensive Sciences

76 In the preceding chapter we outlined what we mean by a global transdis- ciplinary framework and explicitly discussed its theoretical approaches, which draw from across the social sciences and humanities, from scholars working within and across the global south and global north. In this chapter, we move on to a more nuts-and-bolts discussion that links theory to research design—a necessary next step toward engaging in global stud- ies research. This chapter addresses the challenges a global studies approach raises for conventional research design, and it

1 It seems that every day brings another report of some research fi nding. A quick Internet search of news articles that appeared on an otherwise ordinary day in June revealed, among other stories, that California just approved a publicly funded gun research center, the Netherlands began a campaign to identify and reduce research misconduct, a geological study discovered that some parts of the San Andreas Fault are sinking and others are rising, a nutrition study suggested that broccoli is healthier than previously thought because its phenolic compounds