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2 Yugoslavia During the Second World War JOZO TOMASEVICH T H E Yugoslav Communists acquired power essentially by their own efforts and by identifying their aims with those of a large part of the people of Yugoslavia, rather than as a consequence of the Red Army's control of Yugoslav territory. Considering the fact that in a country of close to 16,000,000 people in July 1941 the Communist Party of Yugoslavia had only about 12,000 members and the United Communist Youth of Yugo- slavia about 30,000 members, this ascendancy was an astonishing feat. The

these two inci- T H E S E C O N D W O R L D W A R I N A F R I C A 285 dents mark the beginning of the Second World War. Western Europe only half-heartedly opposed the expansionist plans of Mussolini. Italian trans- ports carrying troops were allowed to pass unhindered through the Suez Canal and in the Franco-Italian treaty of January 7, 1935, France gave her secret consent to the occupation of Abyssinia. On October 3, 1935, the Italians began their invasion. In a barbarous colonial war - air bombardment of primitive villages and towns and the use of poison gas

on Japan, and so in 1941 the European War became the Second World War. However one regards Japan's action in 1941-2 - it can be regarded as the liberation of Southeast Asia from the West, or as pure imperialism, or as both; the historian must not let his personal feelings influence him - it remains one of the most interesting actions in the history of war. Never in that history had such immense terri- tories been conquered in so short a time, territories, too, which could be reached only by sea and against the will of the two great naval powers. More, the

I T H E S E C O N D W O R L D W A R : A G E N E R A L V I E W THB Second World War liberated many countries of Asia from Western imperialism. War is undoubtedly a sorry business, but it can give the poli- tician a deeper insight into the workings of history. Is it not interesting to see how the whole past of a country like Germany which was of relatively little importance to Asia, became through war one of the most important factors in the development of the East? Wars and revolutions are crises in a historical development. Modern wars are not primarily

70 The full-scale Japanese invasion of southern China in 1937, including the traditional sending communities in Guangdong Province, shook the Chinese Mexican community to its core. Shocked by the devastation that the Japanese onslaught wrought upon Guangdong Province, and aware of the need for a stronger China internationally, many Chinese Mexicans spared no expense to support China in the Second Sino- Japanese War—a confl ict that would become a part of the Pacifi c Theater of the Second World War. Between 1937 and 1945, Chinese associations across the

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