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appendix List of Interviewees Quoted 194 / Appendix We spoke to some other members of the Star Trek family whom we have not been able to quote because of the direction the book eventually took, but our thanks are due to them, too: Michael Mellon, head of research, shared thoughts on his special area of expertise, audiences. (As stated in the introduction, the book is not concerned with audiences or fans.) Similarly, Marty Hornstein, line producer on the film Star Trek: Nemesis, gave valu- able insight into his role, but we have, in the end, confined ourselves

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Patrick Stewart, knowing that he was going to be in London film- ing, on the off chance that he would grant us an interview. This he oblig- ingly did at London’s Ealing Studios during the filming of A Christmas Carol (1999 TV movie, dir. David Hugh Jones) in March 1999. Stewart, persuaded of the importance of an academic investigation of Star Trek, sub- sequently wrote to over twenty former and current Star Trek cast and crew, asking them to talk to us. We arrived in Los Angeles in January 2002, when both the film Star Trek: Nemesis and the new television series

] and I pretty much put that together between us. Let me be absolutely clear that the subject matter of the scene was the writers’, but the intensifying that theme and the specific words that I said very much belonged to me, and some of it came out of Whoopi as well, as I remember.”23 We interviewed Stewart for the second time during the filming of Star Trek: Nemesis, having a breakfast meeting with him on the morning of the day that he was to film a scene between Picard and Data that takes place after Riker and Troi’s marriage. Stewart had spent the previous