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xi DS9 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine TNG Star Trek: The Next Generation TOS Star Trek (the original series) Abbreviations This page intentionally left blank


At Paramount Studios, around 1:30 a.m. on an April morning twenty years ago, Adele Simmons, the Assistant Director on Star Trek: The Next Generation, announced to the weary crew and actors, “And that’s a wrap, folks.” Yes, it was. A wrap on seven years’ work and 178 episodes of a hugely successful TV show. There was little celebration, no champagne, no “Auld Lang Syne”—just warm hugs and kisses and “See you soon, get some rest” and “Home safely.” It was a touch disappointing that nobody showed up to cheer and mark the conclusion of all that work, fun, and

193 Unless otherwise noted, all of these people worked on all of the television series from Star Trek: The Next Generation to Star Trek: Enterprise. Thomas (Tom) Arp, construction coordinator and union local coordinator Rick Berman, executive producer Robert Blackman, costume designer Brannon Braga, executive producer and scriptwriter Dan Curry, visual-effects producer Jonathan Frakes, actor and director Merri Howard, supervising producer Robert Justman, associate producer, TOS, TNG Winrich Kolbe, director Peter Lauritson, supervising producer, postproduction


ix Acknowledgments This book has been a labor of love over many years, starting with our youthful interest in Star Trek, the television show, and continuing through our adult university careers, teaching about and researching American tele- vision. Many people have influenced the book’s development over the time it has taken to produce it. But the book would never have come to fruition in its present form without the help and encouragement of one person in particular: Sir Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation

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the political and that attempt to connect the production context to particular aspects of Star Trek’s engagement with the public sphere might be of interest to the reader. Sarantakes’s “Cold War Pop Culture,” uses evidence from the Roddenberry papers and pro- duction personnel’s memoirs to argue against the assumption that the program invariably supported US foreign policy, including the Vietnam War. Micheal C. Pounds’s Race in Space: The Representation of Ethnicity in “Star Trek” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1999

: Insurrection, 40, 65, 76, 111, 118, 171 Star Trek: Nemesis, 12, 14, 40, 111, 115–16 Star Trek: Phase II, 51, 52 Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 2, 37, 52 Star Trek: The Next Generation, 2, 6, 13, 46, 59, 186; and audiences, 48; and Blu-ray format, 189; and budgets, 74–75; and costume, 108; and narrative, 131, 133, 135–36; and ratings, 172; and Roddenberry, 37–38, 39; and setting, 76; and syndication, 49–50; and visual effects, 67–68; and writers, 67, 95, 96 Star Trek (the original series), 2, 3, 5–6, 41, 53–54, 188–89; and audiences, 19, 42–44, 45–46; and budgets

, replacing Grant Tinker Fox Network debuts Cable penetration reaches 50 percent Network ratings share down to 75 percent 1987 Star Trek: The Next Generation launched in syndication FCC repeals Fairness Doctrine 1988 Ted Turner starts TNT network 1989 NBC launches CNBC cable channel N B C T I M E L I N E 3 2 9 1989 continued Dick Ebersol named head of NBC Sports Time Inc. merges with Warner Commu- nications, creating Time Warner Inc. Sony purchases Columbia Pictures Corp. 1990 Children’s Television Act of 1990 passed Seinfeld debuts as a series on NBC ( pilot in 1989) Law

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