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of about 80,000. When it became the capital of the Governor-Generalship of Turkestan it not only served as the main center of the Russian population in the region, but acquired many additional native inhabitants. T A S H K E N T UNDER VON K A U F M A N In November, 1867, when Von Kaufman arrived at Tashkent, the Russian section of the capital still resembled a temporary 96 Urban Development winter cantonment. Some earth huts within the walls of the citadel served as barracks and administration buildings; others nearby served as trading establishments and

Government and Urban Development Cities grow and deteriorate, highways and houses spread across the urban landscape, racial and ethnic minorities cluster in ghettos, sources of water supply are polluted and reclaimed. These and other features of urban development are found in every major metropolitan region in the United States. And the basic elements differ little in other advanced industrial societies.1 The patterns of development that characterize the modern metropo- lis are the product of the complex and continuing interactions of geographic, technological

C H A P T E R 1 Planning and the Critique of Urban Development AMERICANS have always been ambivalent about cities and about the life of big cities in particular. At its outset, and throughout its great period of western settlement, the country regarded itself as a garden—the garden of the world—even though its settlement was being carried forward by the rail- road. And even though the onset of industrialism and the growth of the cities transformed the garden of the world into a land of machine-produced plenty, mechanical agents of change have always

27 1 Civilizing the Wastelands A Short History of Urban Development in Phú Mỹ Hưng Trong đầm gì đẹp bằng sen, Lá xanh, bông trắng, lại chen nhị vàng. Nhị vàng, bông trắng lá xanh, Gần bùn mà chẳng hôi tanh mùi bùn. In swamps the lotus shines, Green leaves, white flowers, fine stamens. Blooms, leaves, and stamens gold, Near mud without the moldy stink. —Vietnamese Folk Poem (Author’s translation) FROM A WASTEL AND TO A NEW URBAN ZONE One mid-February afternoon in 2011, four Vietnamese students dressed in white school uniforms with blue trim approached me to ask

writes, “Bangkok is a Chinese city, not a Thai, though as a space, it is quintessentially (Sino-) Thai” (2011, 69). It is for this reason that Bangkok’s Chinatown has great cultural value. Over the past few decades, Bangkok has seen ethnic communities use their cultural identity and herit- age to claim rights, as heritage is widely accepted as a resource for city development (Friedmann 2005; 2007). As for Bangkok’s Chinatown, the struggle of its historic com- 9 THE URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HERITAGE CONTESTATION OF BANGKOK’S CHINATOWN Tiamsoon Sirisrisak D E V E L O

N I N E New Frontiers of Industrial-Urban Development: The Rise of the Orange County High-Technology Complex, 1955-1984 INTRODUCTION O f all the currently growing industrial-urban centers in the United States, the most numerous by far are located in the Sunbelt. This region now contains many rapidly expanding growth centers, a high proportion of which are based on the resurgence of high-technology in- dustry in the contemporary American economy. Centers such as Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Santa Clara County, and so on all

COMMERCE AND PRAGMATIC LITERACY THE EVIDENCE OF BIRCHBARK DOCUMENTS (FROM THE MID-ELEVENTH TO THE FIRST QUARTER OF THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY) ON THE EARLY URBAN DEVELOPMENT OF NOVGOROD EDUARD MÜHLE In 1951, when Soviet archaeologists unearthed the first piece of birchbark with carved Cyrillic letters on it, their discovery immediately attracted much interest among scholars studying early East Slavic Culture. The specimens of carved birchbark, found not only in the waterlogged deposits at Novgo- rod but also in some other places, did indeed become a valuable

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