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Globalizing Beauty and Romance in Taiwan’s Bridal Industry
Modernity and the Making of Public Health in England, 1830–1910
British Working-Class Education in the Nineteenth Century

Contents List of Illustrations vii Preface, Acknowledgments, and Apologies ix introduction Sex Magic, Modernity, and the Search for Liberation 1 1. the recurring nightmare, the elusive secret Historical and Imaginary Roots of Sex Magic in the Western Tradition 21 2. sex power is god power Paschal Beverly Randolph and the Birth of Sex Magic in Victorian America 55 3. the yoga of sex Tantra, Kama Sutra, and Other Exotic Imports from the Mysterious Orient 81 4. the beast with two backs Aleister Crowley and Sex Magick in Late Victorian England 109 5. the yoga of


of the University of California Some parts of this book have been published previously in somewhat different form. Chapter 2: "Colonial Encounters in Late-Victorian England: Pandita Ramabai at Cheltenham and Wantage, 1883-86", Feminist Review 49 (spring 1995): 29-49. Chapter 4: "The Wanderings of a "Pilgrim Reformer": Behramji Malabari in Late- Victorian London", Gender and History 8, no. 2 (August 1996): 175-96; and "Making a Spectacle of Empire: Indian Travellers in Fin-de-Siecle London", History Workshop Journal 42 (1996): 96-117. Library of Congress


Victorian England (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996), 32–37. This page intentionally left blank


reading of European history, Mark Twain began to pour into his book a savage attack on feudalism, which he regarded as stilt very much alive in the laws and institutions of the Old World, especially in Victorian England. He lost the optimistic belief in a perfectible world with which he had endowed his hero, Hank Morgan. Instead, he adopted a critical stance toward the entrepreneurial capitalism that Hank calls a "new deal" for the backward kingdom. What Hank sees as he journeys through the realm, first with the book's heroine, Sandy, and then with King Arthur

Smith, The Adventures of Mr. Ledbury (London, 1844), p. 228, quoted in Myron F. Brightfield, Victorian England in Its Novels: 1840-1870 (Los Angeles, 1968), 1:400. T h e four quotations that follow are also cited in Brightfield. 50 III. Imagination in the Suburb • 29. Villa, from J. C. Loudon, The Suburban Gardener and Villa Companion (1838). 30. Fountain, Napoleon willow, and arch tent in a "second-rate" garden, Drayton Green, near London, 1838, from J. C. Loudon, The Suburban Gardener and Villa Companion (1838). 51 • W A L T E R L. C R E E S E Anthony

: The Salvation Army in Victorian England will be published by the University of California Press.