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Ecstatic Prophecy in Seventeenth-Century England

11. Visionary Inventors Benjamin Franklin was in many ways the Thomas Edison of the eighteenth century. Like Edison, Franklin was a prolific inventor who created prod- ucts—the lightning conductor, a wood stove, and bifocals—that he hoped might improve people’s lives. Like Edison, Franklin lived to witness the widespread adoption of many of his creations. Like Edison, Franklin won acclaim for his inventions and became famous at home and across the At- lantic. As autodidacts from modest circumstances who achieved greatness, both men gave substance to the American

that a gathering should last until the early morning hours, then one stays up, regardless of 7. Virtual Realities, Visionary Realities I saw Sïdï Saläh [Shaykh Qusi] flying in the air, wearing his regular clothes. In front of him was a screen, like a computer, very big. They were writing chemical symbols on it, and Sïdï Saläh asked them, “Is this the latest you received?” And they answer yes. al-Sayyida Amal, Book of Visions, 1998 What happens to reality when our traditional access to it — sense-perception — is no longer restricted to the individual body

23 The "Visionary Dream in Islamic Spirituality H E N R Y CORBIN i . M Y S T I C E T H O S A N D P R O P H E T O L O G Y The significance of the visionary dream in Is- lamic spirituality can be understood only as a function of the spiritual ethos that a prophetic religion, such as Islam is in essence, develops for itself. We must then keep in mind the structure of its prophetology. This prophetology was enunciated for the first time in the teachings of the Imams of Shicism. It established the essential relation- ship between the concept of the Prophet

C H A P T E R T W O Male and Female Power: Visionary Women and the Social Order When ladies ride abroad with waxed boots, and men thresh with their cloaks on; when the pot freezes in the chimney-corner, and puss sits with her arse to the fire; when women go abroad and fetch home wood, and men sit at home by the fire side and burn it; when the icicles hang at people's noses, and women cannot catch them a heat with scolding; when all these signs come to pass, you may be confident of cold weather. Poor Robin. 1664. An Almanack after a New Fashion

A P P E N D I X O N E Well-Known Women Visionaries of the 1640s and Early 1650s Name Sect or Group Location Adams, Mary Attaway, Mrs. Avery, Elizabeth Bancroft, Elizabeth Bauford, Joan Bilbrowe, Mary Burch, Dorothy Cary, Grace Cary, Mary Channel, Elinor Chidley, Katherine Davies, Eleanor Gadbury, Mary Gray, Elizabeth Griffin, Anne Hall, Anne Hazzard, Dorothy Hempstall, Anne James, Christian Johnson, Katherine Jones, Sarah Kent, Mrs. Robert Lee, Lydia "Major 's wi fe" May, Susan Parr, Susannah Pocock, Mary Pod, Ann Poole, Elizabeth

The Religion and Art of a Stranger from Another World
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