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C H A P T E R 6 The Case of Wales For the student of comparisons, Wales holds a special fascination as one of those "near cases"—near to, even an integral part of, England in many cultural and social-structural respects, but different in others. It was also near to Scotland and Ireland in that it shared Celtic influences, but had distinctive features of its own and differed from the other two in its relations with England. To commence, then, it is helpful to note some ways in which Wales presents a distinct picture in comparison to England, Ireland, and Scotland

6 Menstrual Symbolism in South Wales Vieda Skultans In 1970 and 1971 I conducted research on the symbolism of female fertility and traditional femininity in a South Wales mining village. An early, incomplete presentation of the find- ings was published while the research was still in progress (Skultans 1970). This chapter gives a fuller discussion of the symbolism of menstruation and its relation to femininity. My general premise is that notions of menstruation are strongly correlated with the overall structure of gender roles. In par- ticular I found

Appendix III Knights' Fees in Cheshire and Wales W E L S H HONORS IN the twelfth and thirteenth centuries were exempt from royal aids and scutages except when an honor was in escheat or wardship, and even then the charge was often can- celed. As a result, the knights enfeoffed in the Welsh marches are usually excluded from the Cartae baronum and later feudal surveys. It is therefore difficult to calculate their number with precision. The following list o f honors accounts for some 290 knights' fees. 189 APPENDIX III Honor Knights' Fees Abergavenny

7 A porous and pragmatic settlement: asymmetrical devolution and democratic constraint in Scotland and Wales Ailsa Henderson1 Upon its election in 1997 New Labour honoured its promise to reform political institutions, bringing in legislation to establish a Scottish Parliament, a Welsh Assembly and an elected authority in London. It signed the Good Friday Agreement to bring about devolution in Northern Ireland and introduced reforms to the House of Lords. These developments are significant for they represented a clear step away from unitary government and

238 Chapter 10 Eastwood and the American Western “High Plains Drifter,” “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” and “Unforgiven” I’ve never pictured myself as the guy on the white horse. . . . I’ve always liked heroes that’ve had some sort of weakness or problems to overcome besides the problem of the immediate script. That always keeps it much more interesting than doing it the conventional way. John Wayne once wrote me a letter telling me he didn’t like High Plains Drifter. He said it wasn’t about the people who really pioneered the West. I realized that there

A P P E N D I X A. The Number of Justices in the Commissions of England and Wales w J < ONiOO \ 0 O t v 1-1 g o °0 so S I S \ 0 | 0 o oo M £ «Ol t ^ 10 N o N H • a c 3 co i n f v - o • c -D e rt U (N N M S I S N M O Os M JS 8 J: U SDl'O oo os (S ON * E o u M "O c « 3 U N M OS h o t v IH LOIOO OS t v (S tV,UO m K o IV ^H r^i lOS <N <N IV k-H E O t a U-i l tV os p o tV « (N 00 t v ¡2 o Q SOl rt so IV k j - •q-iOO rHOO t v U h SO jO R S 3 a g «a 17 92 18 7 oo tv tv 17 91 28 0

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