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In this chapter we look closely at seven films and one television series that display a variety of worldwide influences in their conception and/or move- ment from script to production. Our goal? Well, of course, I hope to in- spire you to take on a global project yourself if you have not already done so. Furthermore, I urge you to see these films/shows if you have not seen them and to go over the material mentioned, from Homer to Bosnia. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a triumphant example of a script written in two languages (English and Chinese) by an

c h a p t e r 9 Lew Hunter’s Worldwide Screenwriting 434 l e w h u n t e r 134 “What right does a donkey ex-farm boy from Guide Rock, Nebraska, have teaching screenwriting in Israel,” says moi to myself in 1983. My more assured voice replies, “Well, he has master’s degrees from North- western and UCLA and will be granted a doctor of letters. He has seven- teen aggregate years as a creative executive at CBS, NBC, ABC, Disney, and Hanna-Barbera. He has been a card-carrying Writers Guild of Amer- ica professional screenwriter for fourteen years, and, oh yes

second benefi t is that these transnational connections and sympathies increase the possibilities for musical exchange and new partnerships, syntheses, 5 MOBILITY Worldwide Flows, Networks, and Archipelagos MOBILITY    121 and hybridities. A striking example is that of Japanoise, which developed within a cultural feedback loop between Japan and the United States (primarily) thanks to the international movement of artists and to networks of exchange such as Inter- net newsgroups and, latterly, fi le-sharing and video websites.1 Globalization is not always benefi

184 7 Scaling Up Effective Delivery Models Worldwide Jim yong k im, mich a el Porter, JosePh rh atiga n, rebecca w eintr aub, m at the w ba silico, ca ssi a va n der hoof hol stein, Paul fa rmer The previous chapter explored the health care delivery model of Partners In Health, Zanmi Lasante, and Inshuti Mu Buzima in the rural reaches of Haiti and Rwanda. Working in the public sector, PIH and its sister organizations have helped transform patient care and improve the overall health of people living in impoverished areas. PIH is one among many

seafood meal that crosses many national borders, assisted by a Greek winter salad. I credit my loving wife, Odette, with perfecting this dish over the years, drawing from salmon we’ve enjoyed in Oregon and New Zealand and numerous ports in between. A WORLDWIDE SCREENWRITERS’ SALMON FEAST (serves six) Take roughly 2 lbs. of fresh boneless salmon filets. Wash and dry. Set the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. a p p e n d i x 6 A RECIPE FOR WORLDWIDE SALMON OUT OF WATER 189 Cover the bottom of a large glass baking dish with olive oil. Combine ¹⁄₃ cup of olive oil, two or

145 T W E LV E Worldwide Distribution and Abundance of Killer Whales KAR I N A. FOR N EY AN D PAU L R. WADE Killer whales have long been recognized as formidable pred- ators in virtually all of the world’s oceans (Leatherwood and Dahlheim 1978; Heyning and Dahlheim 1988). They are known to be common in many coastal areas, particularly at high latitudes, but they also occur in offshore and tropical waters (Leatherwood and Dahlheim 1978). Seasonal move- ment patterns, often associated with increased availability of prey species (Dahlheim 1981), have been

a sort of reli- gious assurance, and even promoted with missionary zeal, while being tested by new notions of the legitimacy of diverse cultures to promote their own values—values which may not accord with Euro-American values promoted as universal. Before we turn back to a fi nal examina- tion of the would-be universalism that serves as a meta-religion for the dominant, worldwide, neocolonial regime of the capitalist West, we must fi rst consider the encounter with countries like India and China, which sought to forge, not only political independence from

I didn’t know it at the time, but my birth as a worldwide screenwriter re- ally dates back to my youth, when I saw Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless for the first time. As a young American high school student, I had never seen a Hollywood film where the main character—Jean-Paul Belmondo in this case—simply turned to us (the camera!) and talked as if he knew we were there and could communicate with him. Not only that, I was impressed that he clearly was imitating Humphrey Bogart (there was even a shot of Belmondo standing by a Bogart poster in Paris) and thus playing

219 Conclusion from wide world of sports to the worldwide leader in sports I can see the day when there are only two networks in the sports business: CBS and NBC. ESPN will be the sports arm of Cap Cities. set h a br a h a m , HBO Sports president 1 Th e tail took over the dog. Th e tail outgrew the dog. Th e world has changed. f r a n k g i f for d2 by 1992, swanson had reduced abc sports’ losses by 85 percent through austerity measures that included budget cuts, layoff s, and buyouts.3 While ABC Sports continued to gather critical acclaim, viewers

30 c h a p t e r 2 The Hollywood Influence on Worldwide Screenwriting and International/Independent Influences on Hollywood Two very different worlds exist in screenwriting. French writer/director Robert Bresson suggests a European mind-set when he says, “Be the first to see what you see as you see it” (25), and Max Adams, a young survivor of the Hollywood system, expresses the Hollywood mentality when he reflects, “Agents don’t buy scripts. Studios do” (9). Bresson focuses on how to write and make the film you want to make. Adams offers “practical” info on how