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3 THE NORA AND EDWARD RYERSON LECTURE Shakespeare, Newton, and Beethoven, or Patterns of Creativity Prefacing a somewhat derogatory criticism of Milton, T. S. Eliot once stated that "the only jury of judgement" that he would accept on his views was that "of the ablest poetical practitioners of his time." Ten years later, perhaps in a more mellow mood, he added: "the scholar and the practitioner, in the field of literary criticism, should supple- ment each others' work. The criticism of the practitioner will be all the better, certainly, if he is not

versions and forms of religion. I propose here that Islamism is closely related to the colonial secularism that helped defi ne its limits, its contentions, and its focus; the relationship between Islamism and secularism is not one of straightforward antagonism, but is rather much more interactive and creative. Critically, I propose that the type of secular- Colonial Secularism and Islamism in North India a relationship of creativity? chapter one colonial secul arism and isl amism in nor th india | 39 ism that the British sought to impose in colonial India created

10 Frederick Douglass and Constitutional Emergency: An Homage to the Political Creativity of Abolitionist Activism Mariah Zeisberg What possibilities does the idea or experience of an emer- gency create politically? What identities, strategies, and resources do emergencies foster or suppress on the part of the state? And how do actors use the concept or event of emergency in service of their political goals? I am es- pecially interested in these questions in the context of the antebellum struggle to transform the Constitution in the face of slavery. For

284 CHAPTER SEVEN ART ON THE LINE cartography anD creativity in a DiviDeD worlD Sumathi Ramaswamy We have lived within the lines we have traced, and been made the subjects we have become.1 Is there an inescapable hegemony of the cartographic line ushered in by the modern science of mapping? This is the question that provokes my reflections here on one specific cartographic line that was legislated into existence with the formal end of British rule on the South Asian subcontinent on August 15, 1947. While the drawing of the so- called Radcliffe Line

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