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· 2 2 3 · 10 The Enlightenment, 1712–1760 In reason’s ear they all rejoice, And utter forth a glorious voice, Forever singing as they shine, ‘The hand that made us is divine.’ Joseph Addison in The Spectator IN  JOHN LOCKE published a treatise called The Reasonableness of Christianity.1 There hadn’t always been much ‘reasonableness’ evident in the way Puritans and Laudians discussed religion in the early seven- teenth century, still less Protestants and Catholics in the mid-sixteenth century. The new way was to seek proof through reason, not demand

the hierarchies of a tonal spectrum, or ought we to hear its elements as vari- ables in tension between two extreme positions? To frame the question this way is to engage the music in the dialectical dramaturgy of Enlightenment thought. Without claiming to know what is the Enlightenment—or more to the point, what it was—I shall prefer, here and in the chapters that follow, to tease out those aspects of discourse—of music, of literature, of art and its criticism—that to my mind constitute a way of thinking, of holding a world teetering in ironic imbalance, of

In Search of the Enlightenment Moment
Sound and the Sino-Western Encounter, 1770-1839
A History of English Church Music
The Supernatural in Eighteenth-Century Musical Theater
Transforming Myths in Eighteenth-Century Italy
Nine Approaches to Art and Ideas

C h e r u b i n o ’ s L e a p C h e r u b i n o ’ s L e a p In Search of the Enlightenment Moment R i c h a r d K r a m e r The UniversiTy of ChiCago Press Chicago and London The University of Chicago Press, Chicago 60637 The University of Chicago Press, Ltd., London © 2016 by The University of Chicago All rights reserved. Published 2016 Printed in the United States of America 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16  1 2 3 4 5 isBn- 13: 978- 0- 226- 37789- 6 (cloth) isBn- 13: 978- 0- 226- 38408- 5 (e- book) Doi: 10.7208/chicago/9780226384085.001.0001 This book has been


Dagbok Jean Sibelius, Dagbok, 1909– 1944 ETF Erik Tawaststjerna, Jean Sibelius [Finnish volumes] ETL Erik Tawaststjerna, Jean Sibelius [Robert Layton’s English translation] ETS Erik Tawaststjerna, Jean Sibelius [Swedish volumes] FMQ Finnish Music Quarterly HUL Helsinki University Library (National Library of Finland) JSW Jean Sibelius Works KVS Kansanvalistusseura (Society for the Enlightenment of the People) NA Kansallisarkisto (National Archives of Finland) SFA Sibelius- perheen Arkisto (Sibelius Family Archive), NA SHS Suomen Historiallinen Seura