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imaginário social da loucura: Relatos de experiências em saúde mental, ed. Gina Ferreira and Ana Maria Jacó- Vilela (São Paulo: All Print Edi- tora, 2012), 55. 2 COMMON CREATIVITIES In the fall of 1949, French artist Jean Dubuffet penned his text “L’art brut préféré aux arts culturels” (Art brut preferred to the cultural arts) to accom- pany an exhibition at the Galerie René Drouin in Paris. The exhibition was not a conventional avant- garde exhibition but one of what Dubuffet called art brut, a term he had coined in 1945 to designate “drawings, paintings, all works

140 Logical Induction, Machine Learning, and Human Creativity Jean-GaBrIel GanascIa Creative Machines The ability of machines to create new ideas has long been controversial. In the mid-nineteenth century, Ada Byron-Lovelace argued that a computer was definitely not creative. As Lord Byron’s daughter she was well placed to speak about creativity, and she is considered to be the first software engineer, as she wrote programs for Charles Babbage’s analytical engine, which is consid- ered to be the world’s first computer. According to her, “The Analytical

Inspired Artists and Deviant Women in Eighteenth-Century France
Cave Paintings and the Dawn of Human Creativity
Robert Delaunay and Vision in the Face of Modernism
A Year in the Life of Color
Brazilian Modernism and Global Contemporary Art
Interviews with Contemporary Cartoonists

CONTENTS Introduction: Toward Discomfort 1 1 Clinical- Artistic Tableaux 19 2 Common Creativities 47 3 Physiognomic Gestalt 83 4 Bispo’s Contemporaneity 111 5 Monolingualism of the Global 143 Coda 169 Acknowledgments 171 Notes on the Text 175 Illustration Credits 177 Notes 179 Index 225