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Inspiration, Imitation, Accident There are three ready ways of dismissing human creativity: reducing it to the play of chance, declaring seemingly new ideas mere copies of old ones, or calling them products of inspiration. A mild schadenfreude heightens the charm of the accident narrative, portraying artists, poets, or inventors as lucky bumblers. Charles Lamb treats his readers to an ironic pleasure by picturing the swine- herd Ho- ti learning the joys of roast pig by accidentally burning down his cottage. Lamb redoubles the delight by proposing it was

165 E I G H T Freedom, Necessity, Creativity Philosophical reflections such as Humboldt’s and Dewey’s are one thing. The other are investigations of modern scien­ tific pedagogy and developmental psychology whose em pir­ ical research ascertains data about which form of in terac­ tion between students, respectively between educators and students, is the most successful. As we shall see, the difference between the philosophical doctrine of schooling developed with a utopian intent, and scientific pedagogy depends on what in this context is meant by

. It is because of the language that we may consider those authors, presumably hailing from Asia Minor, who created the oldest great poems of our culture, two epics attributed to a figure called Homer, the 10 Freedom and Creativity: Art f r e e d O m a n d c r e a t i V i t y : a r t 159 Iliad and the Odyssey, to be European authors. It is to these two epics, precisely, that the first model of the European philosophy of poetry refers, which ties the poet and poetry to extrapoetic tasks. It can be found in Plato’s major work the Republic. The theory of

: F I V E : B L O W I N G A W AY T H E S E L F Creativity and Control S O L O T I M E After the bridge, the band restates the head, and then it’s time to cut loose and start blowing. Jazz musicians refer to improvisatory solos as “blow- ing”—derived originally from horn puffing, but now used for all instru- ment soloing. Our tenor player steps up, and the drummer switches to a gentle wash of ride cymbal while everyone drops volume to get under- neath the soloist as he takes flight. When the soloist stretches out to perform his craft, he knows the scales

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