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The Dilemmas of Innovation in an Accelerated Age

chapter one Citizenship, Creativity, and the Democratic Imagination Imagine that you are reading your hometown paper one morning andcome across a short item, buried on page 4A: Since Mayor Jones’s election three years ago, crime rates in our area have been cut almost in half. Jones credits his get-tough approach to crime along with the license he has granted to the police department to cut crime however it sees fit. One controversial step the police department has taken is so-called “profile stops”: pulling cars over for minor infractions in the hope that they

T H R E E “Listening to the Voice of the Product” Human Creativity Displaced His Product’s Voice To better understand Brandnew’s innovation strategy, I enrolled in a class at one of the best business schools on the East Coast. The teacher, Dan, based his class in large part on Brandnew’s core strategy of business innovation. I became aware of Dan’s class when Tom, one of Brandnew’s consultants, mentioned it to me. I then wrote an email to Dan to ask whether it would be OK for me to attend his class. Dan immediately wrote back that he wel- comed my presence

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