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"The Academic Ethic" and Other Essays on Higher Education
How Contracting Can Transform America's Schools

87 c h a p t e r f i v e Education The orphan house did far more than hold its charges until they were old enough to be bound out. It offered them, their families, and by extension poor whites in Charleston generally, if the worst came to pass, the hope that impoverished children might receive enough education and training in a skill to make their adult life easier than that of their parents. Indeed, the first sentence of the 1790 city ordinance that established the Orphan House stated that the city’s goal was to improve on the current methods of

PLATONIC EDUCATION James M. Redfield We are met here to consider the question, "What knowl- edge is most worth having?" or as I prefer to rephrase it, What is educational about education? I am going to talk today about some Platonic answers to this question. But a few prior warnings. In the first place I am not going to quote much from Plato or try to document my assertion that these an- swers are Platonic. Plato is hard to quote because he wrote not treatises but dialogues; he does not talk about education so much as he exhibits it. In any case, I have not