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263 11 jacques lacan Ed Pluth i. brief statement on lacan and philosophy Jacques Lacan1 stated in 1964 that psychoanalysis is “governed by a particular aim, which is historically defi ned by the elaboration of the notion of the subject,” thereby allying psychoanalysis to one of philosophy’s central concerns since modernity.2 But by adding that psychoanalysis “poses this notion in a new way, by leading the subject back to his signifying dependence,” Lacan in fact makes the subject into a point of contention between philosophy and psychoanalysis.3 Despite

Mysticism, Sexual Difference, and the Demands of History
A Conceptual History of Everyday Talk

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contents 8. Black existentialism 199 lewis r. gordon 9. Ferdinand de Saussure and linguistic structuralism 221 thomas f. broden 10. Claude Lévi-Strauss 245 brian c. j. singer 11. Jacques Lacan 263 ed pluth 12. Late pragmatism, logical positivism, and their aft ermath 281 david ingram Chronology 301 Bibliography 321 Index 335 Volume 5


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