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Listening for Inwardness

- tween extremes. Whereas in this and other letters she talks frankly about her ingenium (intellect, talent, genius), just as frequently she deprecates herself for her lack of talent and insufficient learning. She prefaces her autobiography with a confession of her anxieties about her writing. She fears that her work will not live up to the standards of her family, that her prose will appear un- polished and awkward, and that ultimately she will lack the energy and pas- sion it takes to be a serious scholar and writer. The autobiography proper begins with her

88 \ AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN EX- I am so tired of arguing. Time to cross over. But they just won’t let me. Fuck ’em.

77 FIVE HOURS, AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY i it’s this day mother’s birthday and what is she now mother her body her ghost I’m trying to think only of her to separate the whole of her her name nawal from all and what to say just what is said and what to remember? she was she is a bit out of her mind some kindness she possessed the kind that makes you made her bitter I guess and I know and that

Recollections of an Extraordinary Twentieth-Century Gay Life

§TENDHAL Fiction and the Themes of Freedom 1 the Temptations of Autobiography LIE VOICES OF THE SELF Some fervent lovers of Stendhal would cheerfully relin- quish one of his major novels in exchange for yet another volume of his unfinished autobiography, Vie de Henry Brulard. These fanatical "Brulardistes" make up the ex- treme wing of that self-recruiting sect of happy few known as Beylistes. Henri Beyle, their hero, is for them not merely the creator of Julien Sorel and Fabrice del Dongo, but a supreme master of the art of life, the very model of