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The Ideal and Its History
The Making of Early Modern Europe
A History in Maps

3 Cartography’s Idealized Preconceptions Cartography is myth T he ideal of cartography, as it grew increasingly elaborate over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, came to comprise a series of preconceptions that construe the diverse practices of mapping to form the singular and coherent endeavor of cartography. While pervasive in both academic and popular discussions of maps and their history, these idealized preconceptions produce unwarranted presuppositions and unhelpful as- sumptions. Sociocultural map scholars, in particular, have

Mapping Hazards in America
Cartography in the European Enlightenment
Cartography in the Twentieth Century

6 Not Cartography, But Mapping Cartography is a map of mapping T here are many ways to characterize cartography. It is a mirage, the hazy refraction seen from afar of actual mapping processes; it is a chimera, something desired yet illusory. Self- referentially, cartography is a map of mapping. Such a metaphorical map does not, of course, refer to the nor- mative map. After all, cartography is manifestly not a true and clear ab- straction or reduction of the world of map making. Cartography, like all real maps, is human- made and is the product of cultural