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61 stePhen t . Z il iak is professor of economics at Roosevelt University and professor of business and law at the University of Newcastle. He is author of The Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives. H A I K U E C O N O M I C S I’m an economist. Yet poetry is my first stop on the way to invention— discovery of metaphors. No matter the audience, a model is a metaphor. Not every economist understands that. Poetry can fill the gap between reason and emotion, adding feelings to eco- nomics. For example

1 h o n e < Economics Germany did not mean to launch the twentieth century and, with it, the re- mainder of history. In 1914, however, one of the world’s most famous war plans, the Schlieffen Plan, impelled Germany to turn a developing east Euro- pean squabble into the greatest, most encompassing, and costliest war civili- zation had ever known, a war that only later would be called a world war, for that is what it became. As the war years wore on, the slaughter was so massive in scale, and lives so appallingly sacrifi ced to new- fangled instruments of war

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