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Educating Jordanian Women in Nation, Faith, and Progress

S i x Gender Female sex offenders are a new breed in a criminal caste monopolised by men. Prosecutions are on the rise here and overseas, as public awareness breeds vigilance and a campaign to make women as accountable as men creates a class of abusers previously overlooked. — Kate Legge, “Teachers’ Pets,” The Australian, 20061 Dozens of female teachers have been caught with male students in recent years, and the airwaves are full of outrage that we’re letting them off the hook. — William Saletan, “Teachers’ Pets?” Slate, 20062 in 2004 a scandal erupted in

Translating International Law into Local Justice

25: Gender Inequality The Gender-related Development Index (GDI) cre- ated by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is a useful measure that illustrates the extent of gender inequalities across the world. The GDI indicates how women compare to men on three measures of hu- man development: life expectancy, literacy, and income per capita. The GDI ranges from zero to one, with one representing gender equality and lower scores signaling greater inequality. Although women generally enjoy a longer life expectancy then men, they consistently rank

4 Metamorphoses of Gender Although the foregoing chapters of this book have occasion- ally paused to read a passage closely, they have mostly discussed volumes of poetry or fiction as wholes. Across a two- or three- century timeline, that level of abstraction is useful, revealing his- torical patterns otherwise invisible. But readers don’t experience works of literature as unified data points. In reading fiction, our attention is directed less to the work as a verbal object than to the imaginary places, people, and events inside it. In fact, students who

chapter three Globalizing Gender dorit geva Although the discipline of sociology is still at its core the study of modernity, and although the sociology of gender and sexuality is one of the most dy- namic and productive subfields within sociology, there remains much work to be done in elaborating upon the relationship between gender, sexuality, and modernity. This chapter argues that without identifying the core mod- ernist questions at the heart of sociological theories of gender and sexual- ity and without comprehensively identifying how gender and

87  |  B e n di n g g e n d e r four bending gender Kelley’s 1987 assemblage More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid (plate 10) is a tap- estry of tattered toys, handmade rag dolls, puppets, knitted potholders, and stuffed animals sewn onto a matrix of afghan blankets mounted on canvas. The chaotic conglomeration of smiling faces and snuggly bodies offers a perverse surfeit of sap- piness, a discomforting sense of homeyness gone haywire. The work highlights the economics of gift giving, in which pieces of thread and fabric are invested with deep emotional

2 A Gendered History The Dominican Republic is typically viewed, along with the rest of Latin America, as a patriarchal, machista (male chauvinist) society. Indeed, my experiences as a woman researching and playing merengue típico, or even just living in the Dominican Republic, were often frustrating. I never could adjust to the continual piropos (pick- up lines) thrown my way by, it seemed, every man I passed on the street. The sound of Sssssss! Ssssssss!— the typically Dominican way to attract one’s attention— followed me everywhere, like a whole fleet

thr ee Gendered Rituals This chapter explores a specifi c example of how displaced women from the South who settle in predominantly Muslim, Arabized Khartoum thrive by crafting new meanings of self and community, time and place. As they negotiate peaceful accommodations with their new neighbors and selectively adopt or reject rituals they had not observed in their former homes, they perform their identity in specifi c social and politi- cal terms. Their experiences and perspectives are not homogeneous, but the changes that some make in the most intimate