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119 7 JOURNALISM’S PURITY RITUAL Why was it so often women, people of color, and LGBTQ people who became the targets of campaigns against journalistic “bias”? To an extent, each case of firing or exclusion, even my own, made obvi- ous sense: every profession has its standards, and holding to them is a part of how professional organizations define their identities. But I also began to see that targeting journalists for violation of conflict- of- interest or impartiality policies serves more than one purpose. It reinforces professional standards and

1 c h a p t e r o n e White Slavery and Journalism’s Shifting Axis of Truth In early 1909, George Kibbe Turner, an investigative reporter working for McClure’s Magazine, toured New York City’s dance halls seeking fi rst- hand evidence of a vast trade in white women’s bodies. He sought to pro- duce an exposé that would be as successful as the one about Chicago vice he had written for McClure’s two years earlier. It would be an added bonus if the story also happened to take down Tammany Hall in the city’s upcom- ing election. What Turner did not count on was

67 c h a p t e r t h r e e The Journalism of Reform and the Reform of Journalism But it is no question of aristocracy or democracy. Here in America, for instance, we have a democracy. We also have quite as fi ne an assort- ment of vices as the Pall Mall reveals. We don’t go bragging about them. We don’t publish “disclosures” and undertake to “thrill the heart of the people.” But we try to make the best of a bad job and say that, after all, we are no worse than our neighbors. —New York Herald, 13 July 1885 The journalistic spirit is almost the fi nest in

208 CONCLUSION THE END OF JOURNALISM My generation, my upbringing, was defined by lies and conspiracy. In the 1990s we had Y2K and Troopergate; in the 2000s, we had truthers and weapons of mass destruction and “Mission Accomplished.” On September 15, 2008, when Lehman Brothers and AIG went under, an NPR host said, “Remember this day . . . it will go down in history.” It was my younger brother’s twentieth birthday, and I still remember where I was standing, in my kitchen in Chicago. In my neighborhood, condo developments would stand half- built for years

C o n c l u s i o n The Afterlife of Anti-Journalism Kraus’s living voice has become eternalized in his prose. It gives his prose style its mime-like quality. His power as a writer is close to that of an actor. —Theodor Adorno Three years after Kraus’s death, Walter Benjamin wrote what is surely the saddest tribute to his particular talent as a social critic. The impetus was some chilling news about Vienna’s Jewish population, news that has be- come, in the meantime, chillingly ironic. In a letter dated June 4, 1939, Ben- jamin informs a friend that he has

C h a p t e r F o u r Messianic Journalism? Benjamin and Scholem Read Die Fackel That this man [Kraus], one of an evanescent few who have a sense of what freedom is, can serve it only by being the highest prosecutor—that is the purest expression of his dialectics. A being [Dasein], which—precisely here—is the hottest prayer for redemption that passes through Jewish lips today. —Walter Benjamin The Zionists blocked Kraus’s path to Zionism. —Gershom Scholem Walter Benjamin’s writings abound with dramatic phrases and superlative forms. But his use of such

11 How the Industrial Scientist Got His Groove: Entrepreneurial Journalism and the Fashioning of Technoscientifi c Innovators Matthew Wisnioski Like many other fi ne myths, the great Capt. Super Science has been zapped. But our hero is no victim of villainous radicals. He did himself in. . . . Is there hope for him? — John Steele and Ronald Neswald, 19721 In the concourse of the US Airways New York– Boston shuttle, professional- managerial travelers read about the inner lives of celebrities from complimentary high- gloss magazines. MoFo Tech, the trends

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