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97 Power “when god realized his task was great, he created la mamma . . .” it is one of the curiosities of italy that even in the heyday of feminism, even in times when the only child is left with his grandparents while mother is off to work, the mamma mystique has lost none of its attraction and power. Tim Parks, An Italian Education we study women’s power and social identity in the context of Catholicism, poverty (historically situated), and regionalism (the north versus the south). Our question has to do with how food influences the identity of the

A History of Consumer Activism in America
China's Quest to Revive the Silk Roads for the Twenty-First Century
Series: Silk Roads
Antislavery Third Parties and the Transformation of American Politics
Economics, Policy, and Electric Utilities Before 1940

140 power structure Politics is a key ingredient of any dramatic story. Politics in this case means power: the ability to influence the behavior of others or the course of events. Drama often explores how power is structured and how it affects the world of the characters. A power structure may exist personally between individuals, as in David Ives’s Venus in Fur, where a director and actor vie for dominance during an audition for a play. Or a power structure may exist formally within a group, organization, or society, as in Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman

F i v e Power The seeming U.S. epidemic of cases involving female teachers raping or molesting their students has been exported Down Under, as Australia is experiencing a similar rash of cases. — Joe Kovacs, “U.S. Teacher Sexpidemic Spreading across the Planet,” WorldNet- Daily, 20051 Move over, Mrs. Robinson. The new public enemy is the bespectacled babe who teaches our kids math in the classroom and sex in the parking lot. — William Saletan, “Teachers’ Pets?” Slate, 20062 The last two decades in North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom have seen a

Agency Relations and the Creative Destruction of the King’s Two Bodies
Temporalities in Conflict and the Making of History

3 Power V i c t o r i a n o u r S E That is what this suit is about. Power. a n t o n i n S c a l i a Power. It is a single word in a singular dissent in a singular case involving the fate of presidential power, Morrison v. Olson.1 Other justices are known for pithy remarks, but single words are far from routine practice in Supreme Court rhetoric, the norm being multiword sentences. Justice Holmes never punctuated “social statics” with a silent exclamation point. Justice Scalia had no aversion to single- word sentences. I take this rhetorical habit as a